Episode 051

Deanna Garrett & James Hayes

Podcast Length: 40 mins | Date Published: 18th August 2020

Salons Are Full of Young People; As An Owner, You Need To Understand What Makes Them Tick – Part Two.

In last weeks podcast, I interviewed two young hairdressers, one from the US and one from Australia with the aim of finding out what makes Millennials and Gen Z ‘tick’.

We had a great response and so this week I’d like to wrap up with Deanna and James both from the UK talking about their goals and ambitions and what a career in hairdressing means to them.

Amongst other things, they recognise that they have the technology available to them in the form of the internet and social media etc that generations before didn’t have and obviously that impacts on the marketing of themselves and how they learn.

But, the thing that stood out to me is that none of them used money as the reason why they left a job or what they looked for in a job.

Instead, they all spoke about the importance of family and being part of something bigger than themselves.

They spoke about wanting to belong to a community… not just in the local sense but also in the professional sense.

They spoke about wanting to grow as professionals and wanting career opportunities… and you could just tell that they all loved and I mean loved doing hair!

So if we want to keep people like this in our industry and in your salon, what are the opportunities that you are creating in your salon?

What are the things that you do to make your team feel recognised and acknowledged?

What are the things that you could do to make them feel like they’re part of a bigger community and to give them a greater sense of purpose?

Sure they might be a few years younger than you and I, but are their needs and expectations really that different?

In This Episode:

[01:57] Welcome to the show, Deanna!

[02:19] Deanna shares her background in hairdressing.

[03:51] Listen as Deanna discusses why she has changed salons.

[04:42] What four things do you think stylists in your generation are looking for when picking a salon?

[06:48] Deanna speaks about how important it is to work in a salon that allows her to grow.

[08:59] Deanna shares her insights into cutting hair when styles change.

[10:17] If you owned a salon, what things would you do to motivate your team?

[11:24] Deanne speaks about how she likes best to learn new things.

[14:00] Deanne shares what her favourite social media is for promoting herself.

[14:48] What percentage of clients have you gotten from social media?

[17:59] Deanna shares where she hopes to be and what she wants to accomplish in the next five years.

[19:47] Deanna discusses why she thinks her generation is moving toward working independently versus working in a salon.

[21:43] Thank you for being on the show!

[21:58] Welcome to the show, James!

[22:15] James shares his backstory and why he became a barber.

[24:04] What do you look for when looking for a barbershop to work in?

[28:26] James discusses how important it is to him to have the opportunity to grow in the barbershop he is working with.

[29:20] What things do you think a salon or barbershop owner should do to motivate their team?

[31:33] James speaks about how having a product target or service target motivates him.

[32:48] James discusses the role that Instagram does to help build his client base.

[34:34] How much time do you spend on Instagram each day.

[35:55] James, thank you for being on the show!

[36:20] Antony shares what he saw in the young hairdressers he interviewed in these two episodes.

[39:18] Thank you for listening to the show!

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