Episode 046

Angus Mitchell

Podcast Length: | Date Published: 7th July 2020

I’m very excited to be interviewing my guest today, Mr Angus Mitchell. Son of the late Paul Mitchell who was the co-founder of the Paul Mitchell product range.

Angus is not only a very talented hairdresser in his own right, but he’s also Co-owner of John Paul Mitchell Systems and a proud father to his young son Dylan.

In today’s podcast we will discuss:

  • The challenges with living up to the reputation of a famous father
  • Why Hawaii is a spiritual home for JPMS
  • The importance of philanthropy and environmental issues
  • Angus’s love for cars

In This Episode:

[01:14] Welcome to the show, Angus!

[01:47] Angus shares memories of his father and why Hawaii is so spiritual to him.

[04:33] He speaks about his father having a strict diet and meditating and doing yoga.

[05:35] Do you remember your father’s first studios in New York?

[07:35] Angus speaks about the first sculpting lotion product and how it was the company’s first significant success.

[10:00] He discusses the hair trends of the 80s and how excited his father was to see the new shorter hairstyles.

[11:28] Angus shares a memory of talking with his father.

[12:17] Did you have any hair conversations with your father before he passed?

[14:35] Angus felt that when his father passed when he was out of high school, he honoured his father’s memory by becoming a hairdresser.

[17:23] Angus speaks about some great hairdressers he was on stage with and how nervous he was during his first show.

[19:51] Did you enjoy doing hair?

[20:44] Angus shares his career path as an educator.

[22:56] Angus speaks about opening a salon where he hired people straight out of beauty school.

[25:42] How did you handle owning a salon while being a co-owner of John Paul Mitchell Systems?

[27:55] Angus shares about being environmentally savvy in Hawaii and how his father lived.

[32:57] What did you learn from John Paul DeJoria?

[35:28] Angus discusses that John Paul’s daughter is now running the company and is just as talented in the business.

[36:49] Angus speaks about the school side of JPMS and what they are about.

[38:56] Angus shares that they are looking for a location for an advanced school for JPMS.

[40:05] How many automobiles do you have now?

[41:18] “Anyone can buy a car, but not everyone can build them.”

[44:56] Angus is building his father’s dream car in his garage even though he doesn’t put on overalls and do the work; it’s his vision that they are following.

[50:22] Angus, thank you much for being on the show!!

[50:55] Do you have any final thoughts for the listeners today?

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Special thanks to Angus Mitchell for sharing his story with me for this week’s episode. Until next time!

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