Episode 045

Lesley Jennison

Podcast Length: 48 min | Date Published: 30th June 2020

I love the expression, “Success leaves clues!”

Meaning that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Instead, find someone else who has already succeeded at what you want to do and emulate what they did!

Learn to think how they think. Copy how hard they work. Put the hours in that they put in. Understand the sacrifices that they have made along the way. The rejections and disappointments they have had along the way. And if you do all that, there is a good chance that you will succeed too!

Success in any form doesn’t come easy, but oftentimes we see someone who has succeeded and we want to be them. We want their knowledge, we want the respect they have and the lifestyle that goes with it.

But what we don’t see are the years of hard work, the learning and sacrifices that have gone into making them who they are.

My guest on today’s podcast is Lesley Jennison, I have known Lesley since she was 16 and fast forward to today she has become one of the most respected hair colourists and educators in the world.

In today’s podcast we will discuss:

  • Training and the importance of discipline and mastering the fundamentals.
  • Pricing of salon services by time.
  • Using social media effectively.

In This Episode:

[01:54] Lesley, welcome to the show!

[02:22] Lesley shares her background in the hairdressing industry.

[03:42] She speaks about the mentors that have impacted her career.

[05:36] Did you always want to specialize in colour?

[08:34] Lesley discusses what makes a good colourist.

[09:41] What part of the training that you had set you up for the career you have today?

[12:28] Lesley shares why learning the fundamentals and having discipline are the building blocks of being a great colourist.

[16:24] Taking the time to master the fundamentals can make all the difference.

[20:27] What do you think the future of education looks like?

[23:14] Lesley speaks about what she wishes she could do better.

[26:17] Antony believes that COVID-19 has made it imperative for people to grasp technology and embrace how it can help their businesses.

[29:30] How has social media affected your business?

[32:14] Lesley shares how much time she spends on social media each day.

[33:51] Lesley speaks about the pricing per half hour model for colour she had in her previous salon.

[37:38] What do hairstylists need to do to compete with the home hair colour movement that is happening now?

[40:20] Lesley discusses how she stays relevant in the industry after all these years.

[42:30] Lesley shares how blown away she was when she went to Saudi Arabia and saw how they run their salons.

[44:12] After 33 years in the industry, how do you overcome obstacles that stand in your way?

[47:13] Lesley shares some final thoughts for the listeners.

[47:29] Thank you so much for being on the show!

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