Episode 044

Errol Douglas

Podcast Length: 57 min | Date Published: 23rd June 2020

Who could possibly have imagined that 2020 would present the world with the challenges that it has?

I know that many of the listeners to this podcast will have been reflecting on the social unrest that started with the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis and the subsequent protests about police brutality and racial inequality that have dominated the global media over the last few weeks all over the world.

But, this isn’t just an American issue. As the protesters have shown racism exists everywhere and this has dominated the global media over the last few weeks.

Maybe instead of thinking about these events as huge problems, we should be looking at them as huge opportunities for change? A chance to reset the agenda and address the inequalities that exist!

I know that many of the listeners to this podcast will have been reflecting on the racial inequalities that have long existed in the world. So, like many of you, I have been reflecting on my actions and inactions and asking myself “What can I do better?”

I think that when you put yourself in a position that I have where I talk about industry issues you can’t just pick and choose the non-confronting ones, you have to talk about the challenging ones as well.

So for today’s podcast, I have reached out to Errol Douglas who I have interviewed before in my “Unplugged” audio series. But this is the first time I have had him on this Podcast and it’s certainly overdue.

Errol is a very successful hairdresser with a wealth of knowledge and experience so we will also use this opportunity to discuss a range of issues including.

    • Errol’s MBE and the different roles he has in the industry.
    • The importance of hairdressing awards.
    • Social media… and
    • Racism, and the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement and in that regard how the industry needs to evolve.

In This Episode:

[02:08] Errol, welcome to the show!

[02:53] Errol shares a little about his background in east London and the diversity of his salon and who he works with.

[05:32] Fusion and integration are what Errol stands for in hairdressing.

[07:13] What was it like for a young black man to grow up in England in the 60s, 70s, and 80s?

[08:33] Errol speaks about how hairdressing is in his DNA.

[11:45] Errol says that back in those days, a young black man never walked alone if he didn’t want to get beat up.

[12:11] At 16, he went into an apprenticeship in east London.

[15:08] Errol said he started working with Paul Edmonds and how lucky he was to have him as a mentor.

[17:26] The program called ‘The Clothes Show’ catapulted him and others into the spotlight.

[18:17] Errol shares the definition of an MBE, a distinction that he was the youngest person ever to receive.

[21:14] He went to Buckingham Palace to receive his.

[23:40] Did receiving the MBE impact the growth of your salon?

[24:54] Errol speaks about shampooing the queen’s hair and blow-drying Princess Diana’s hair.

[26:12] Errol has been nominated 24 times for the British Hairdressing Awards.

[28:11] What keeps you going back when you have never won?

[30:28] Errol speaks about his salon and how it runs.

[33:07] How much does it cost to get an appointment with Errol Douglas?

[37:00] Errol believes that the death of George Floyd is a turning point in racism.

[38:55] What are some racist things you experience every day that a white person might take for granted?

[42:47] Errol speaks about what he thinks the industry needs to do differently to combat racism.

[47:12] ‘I didn’t know I was black until I went to the United States’ is something a person told Errol.

[48:26] What does the average hairdresser need to do better?

[49:25] What should manufacturers do differently?

[51:10] What does the media section of hairdressing need to do better?

[52:49] Errol shares what advice he would give a young person who wanted to get into the industry.

[54:06] Errol speaks about what he sees in his future.

[56:10] Thank you so much for being on the show!

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