Episode 041

Guido Palau - Part Two

Podcast Length: 46 min | Date Published: 26th May 2020

A True Hairdressing Genius – Part Two

One reason I like podcasts is that you get the chance to get into people’s minds and understand how they think, and to me, that’s often where the real magic is!

I love to understand the story behind what makes a person do what they do, how they think, and the thought processes behind it.

This episode is a follow on from last week’s episode with ‘Guido,’ probably the most creatively influential hairdresser in the world today. I don’t use the word ‘genius’ very readily, but when it comes to hair, ‘Guido is an absolute genius!’

He is a visionary and a true artist in the fullest sense of the word and has worked with everybody, and I mean ‘everybody’ of any notoriety in the industry.

His work often pushes at the boundaries of beauty, it’s always flawless in its execution, and understandably his influence and the direction he takes have reached far beyond hairdressing as well as having an impact on all of today’s great hairdressers the world over.

On today’s podcast, we will discuss:

  • Social media and the impact it’s had on fashion magazines.
  • What influence might Coronavirus have on fashion?

In This Episode:

[00:54] Guido speaks about social media and how it affects the fashion industry.

[03:44] Has Instagram replaced magazines in any way?

[05:52] Guido discusses what he does well and what he doesn’t have the patience for anymore.

[08:20] He shares how his team size differs from show to show.

[11:00] How important are collaborations to what you do and learn?

[13:52] Guido chats about working with Alexander McQueen and how he influenced his work.

[15:43] Do you ever do stuff that fails? What have you left on the cutting room floor?

[19:39] Guido speaks about feeling intimidated when he is rubbing shoulders with the elite in the fashion industry.

[22:54] Guido shares that the greats in any industry are the ones that still have the drive to succeed.

[25:09] Do you speak the truth of beauty? Are you true to yourself?

[27:12] Guido shares the advice that he gives people on his team that aren’t lucky enough to know where they want to be in their career.

[29:51] Guido speaks about how much dedication it takes to be where he is in his career and what he has had to give up.

[32:40] Guido says that he was lazy when he was young, but once he found his calling, he has given it everything.

[34:01] Guido discusses the collaboration he had with Redken for fifteen years.

[35:38] How do you feel the coronavirus pandemic will affect the beauty and fashion industries?

[38:22] Guido says it will be harder in the fashion industry because the very nature of fashion is being around many people.

[40:18] Guido speaks about this pandemic feeling like a dream to him. He couldn’t have imagined what has happened.

[44:37] Guido, thank you so much for being on the show!

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Special thanks to Guido for sharing his words of wisdom with me for this week’s episode. Until next time!

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