Episode 037

Tina Black and Henry & Liz Monreal

Podcast Length: 54 min | Date Published: 28th April 2020

This is episode two which is a continuation from last weeks podcast about preparing for the recovery phase.

Things are starting to change very quickly with salons in some countries or states reopening or at least having a date in the diary and actively planning for that day.

And what is very apparent is that salon owners and clients are all expecting changes in the salon experience which will impact on the client, the team and the business.

On today’s podcast, we will be talking to another two Industry leaders Tina Black who is a multi salon and school owner in Michigan and Florida and Liz Salcedo and Henry Monreal owners of Salon Ink in San Diego to see what they are planning as they get ready to reopen.

In This Episode:

[01:33] Welcome to the show, Tina!

[02:56] Tina discusses if the states, where her salons and schools are located, have set up any guidelines for salon owners to follow once they reopen them.

[05:01] Tina speaks about the salon owners groups she founded in both Michigan and Florida.

[05:40] What are some key things you believe every salon owner should have in place when they reopen?

[08:44] Tina chats about how they will continue social distancing and other things she will keep in place.

[11:27] Are you keeping the appointment times the same?

[14:26] Tina speaks about putting dishwashers in her salons, but they will use disposable cups at first.

[16:08] Tina shares about having a small desk at the front and having one person in charge of the book, plus they will have clients check out at the station.

[18:11] She is talking about having a limited menu for the first 60 to 90 days.

[20:13] If we walk into one of your salons, will all of your stylists be wearing masks?

[21:56] Tina shares what she has in place for her team to keep them motivated when the salon reopens.

[23:56] Tina speaks about what they have set up for sanitizing the stations and tools.

[25:21] Are you planning any celebration with your team?

[26:26] Tina says that they do not have a uniform, and her staff will wear what they have always done.

[29:10] Tina, thank you so much for being on the show today!

[29:33] Welcome to the show, Henry and Liz!

[30:23] Has your state put in any guidelines or rules that you will have to follow once you reopen?

[31:28] Liz shares some things they have put in place to make clients feel safe at Salon Ink.

[33:21] Liz speaks about some biodegradable plastic bags they have that will fit over the chairs that can be changed out after each client.

[34:54] Are the changes you are making going to be permanent or temporary?

[36:42] Liz chats about how they will sanitize the tools once they reopen.

[39:29] Henry says that they already use one-time-use cups for coffee and water.

[42:21] Are there any other changes that the client will notice? Appointments? No-touch payment methods?

[48:18] When you bring your team in once they allow you to reopen, are you going to run the new protocols by your team before guests start coming?

[50:04] Henry speaks about not having uniforms and not changing that.

[51:24] Since your salon was closed for three months in 2019 for things out of your control, what should lessons have you learned that you want to give to other salon owners?

[55:11] Henry says he believes this will be an excellent time for the industry worldwide to add the value that has been lacking from a lot of other industries.

[56:26] Thank you both for being on the show today!

[56:50] Please share this podcast so we can get some positive information out to the world.

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