Episode 026

Jack Howard

Podcast Length: 1hr 7 min | Date Published: 11th February 2020

An insightful look into the world of one of the great commercial hair colourists.

Over the last few years, there have been many changes in the hairdressing industry. One of those changes has been the continual evolvement of ‘all things hair colour’, and inevitably hand in hand with that has been the rise of the ‘Hair Colourist’! 

I would never say that colourists were the poor cousin to stylists, but stylists were more likely to be the rockstars of hairdressing. However these days there’s definitely a feeling that ‘Colourists’ have really come into a league of their own.  

One such person is my guest today, Mr Jack Howard who is definitely one of the very best colourists out there. Jack has built a reputation around balayage and is often acknowledged as someone who is responsible for bringing balayage to the UK after returning from a number of years in the US.

Jack works out of the prestigious Paul Edmonds salon in Londons Knightsbridge servicing a high profile clientele as well as spending a lot of time as an educator.  

Amongst other things in today’s podcast we will discuss:

  • What’s been driving the changes in the hair colour market
  • Competing against the home colour market
  • Pricing of salon services
  • The importance of professional consultations

In This Episode:

[01:46] Welcome to the show, Jack!

[02:17] Jack shared with us your background and how you got started in the colour industry.

[03:38] Jack speaks about why he created his colour tools line.

[06:11] Why did Balayage never take off in the U.K.? Why is it taking root now?

[09:00] Antony believes that the economic condition of the Uk is what pushed Balayage because it was less expensive.

[11:38] Jack states that the French don’t do foils they do Balayage.

[13:39] What do the American colourists do better than anyone else?

[14:53] Jack shares why he doesn’t have his own salon, why he prefers to work for someone else.

[17:00] What is the drive for stylists being independent contractors? What are the financial benefits and downfalls?

[18:56] Jack speaks about what taxes and fees the independent contractors have to pay in the U.K.

[20:05] What do you think about the whole salon suites drive that is happening in the U.S. and Australia?

[22:36] Jack chats about specialists colour salons and what he likes about them.

[24:31] What are your thoughts about the salon membership model?

[26:49] Jack shares what his favourite social media platform is now.

[29:41] Jack chats that most of his new business now comes through Instagram.

[32:31] How much time do you allocate for social media?

[33:47] Jack shares how he comes up with content for his social media accounts.

[36:57] Do you believe that awards in the industry lack the recognition they used to have?

[39:00] Jack speaks about consumer recognition and hairdressing awards and which ones might attract more stylists.

[40:09] Jack believes that Olaplex products have their uses but you still can’t use it on really damaged hair.

[42:22] In ten years, where do you see products going? Will it be more about sustainability?

[43:57] Jack says that any technology that can make a stylist’s life better is the right technology.

[45:47] Do you believe patch tests are necessary? What do you think about the lax standards in the U.S. and other countries about these tests?

[48:02] Jack speaks about charging for his consultations, why he does, and what the charge covers.

[50:47] People are much more aware of the allergic reactions associated with hair colour and are asking for an organic pigment.

[52:35] What type of recycling program do you have in your salon products and containers? 

[55:24] Jack speaks about women colouring their hair at home and the quality of the home products.

[59:12] Jack believes that the new online salons that are popping up might affect the home colourists but not the ones that come into the salon to have their hair done.

[1:01:54] How do you stay relevant? How do you reinvent yourself? How important is education?

[1:03:24] Jack shares what his hope and dreams are for the next five to ten years.

[1:06:08] Thank you so much, Jack, for being on the show!

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