Episode 023

Antony Whitaker - Business Booster

Podcast Length: 41 min | Date Published: 7th January 2020

One of the many roles the salon owner has is that of ‘Marketing’ and believe me when I say that that’s more than just posting some images on Instagram.
The day you opened your business your job description changed! Unfortunately for most of us when we open a salon we are poorly prepared for the reality of what being in business is really all about. One of the many roles the salon owner has is that of ‘Marketing’ and believe me when I say that that’s more than just posting some images on Instagram.


In today’s podcast I talk about:


  • What are the functions of ‘Marketing’?
  • Why you need to identify your target market or ideal client.
  • What is the concept and positioning of your salon business?
Whether you are a business unit of 1 or aspire to build a bigger brand the fundamentals of today’s podcast will help you on your way.


In This Episode:

[00:30] Welcome to today’s episode with Antony.

[01:07] What is marketing?

[01:37] Marketing used to be about advertising, but today it is about engaging people.

[02:24] Effective marketing must be authentic to connect and engage people.

[04:07] Antony discusses the functions of marketing, the first being vision

[04:45] The second being positioning the brand.

[06:15] The third is developing a cohesive image.

[06:40] Defining the experience is the fourth.

[06:55] Then there would be advertising.

[07:50] Marketing is also about social media, but one alone will not help, but collectively they can help you achieve what you are striving for.

[08:35] Building a business is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle.

[10:28] The role of marketing is about growth, and the purpose of marketing is communication.

[11:22] Five new clients a week is a healthy rate of growth.

[12:17] The problem is turning the new clients into regulars and keeping them.

[13:11] It starts with understanding who your target market is or who your ideal client is.

[16:00] If your salon was a magazine, which magazine which one would it be?

[18:08] Be clear on who you are and what your salon is offering.

[19:13] What is the concept for your salon? Why will a client come to you over all of the other salons?

[20:58] Antony describes the different types of salons and where they fall on the price scale.

[25:19] A successful business model today is not necessarily the one that will be successful tomorrow.

[26:08] How do you decide where you should put your focus? Where is your ambition?

[28:48] Where are the opportunities in your market might be a question you want to ask yourself.

[29:45] Where is the money to be made is another question to ask yourself.

[31:26] One type of business is not better or worse than another; there is money to be made in all of them.

[32:26] Another question to ask is, how well do you communicate your point of difference?

[33:07] Make sure that everything you are communicating speaks to the same message so that everything is cohesive.

[34:07] Pause this podcast, ponder each of these questions, and see what answer you come up with.

[35:02] My salon concept is?

[35:41] My ideal client is?

[36:25] The perfect size and location of my salon is?

[37:21] I have aligned myself with the XYZ product company because?

[38:14] To our clients, we are known for?

[39:05] The top three things that will attract and keep our team?

[39:27] What sets us apart from the competition is?

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