Episode 022

Sam Villa

Podcast Length: 1hr 7 min | Date Published: 31st December 2019

Multi-awarded hairdresser and REDKEN Global Artistic Ambassador Mr Sam Villa One of the most passionate authentic and humble educators in the industry today.

There are many showmen in the hairdressing industry. Whether they are referred to as platform artists, hairdressing rock stars or celebrity hairdressers. And my guest on today’s podcast can more than hold his own with the best of them.

But today’s guest is known for his humility, his passion, his authenticity and for being a great educator. Quite simply “Teaching is his passion.”

In today’s podcast we will discuss:

  • The changes happening in education
  • The role of social media in salons and education
  • The personal skills of success

And lots more!

In This Episode:

[01:18] Welcome to the show, Sam!

[02:12] Sam gives us a backstory on who he is and what he has accomplished in his 43 years in this industry.

[03:05] Did you start as a barber?

[03:52] He chats about shining shoes at his dad’s barbershop.

[04:29] Sam talks about going to a hair show in 1976 that Vidal Sassoon was putting on.

[06:34] After beauty school, he went to work at a salon for about three years before opening his own salon in California.

[07:45] He got a great opportunity with Redkin and decided to close one chapter and open another.

[10:52] Do you think you need to close the salon side to be a runway artist?

[13:01] Do you ever miss owning the salon?

[14:06] They talk about the changes happening in the industry with education and the need to be at live events.

[16:12] Sam tells us why his ego doesn’t get in the way of being humble.

[19:55] He discusses why ongoing education is so crucial for all hairstylists.

[24:58] What do you think about the two different systems of learning between beauty school and apprenticeships?

[28:24] Sam believes that learning from social media is fine as long as you marry it with face to face education.

[31:10] What is the difference between the social media channels you use?

[33:30] Sam gives us his thoughts on the changes in the industry with technology and advertising.

[37:37] He speaks about what he sees globally in salons, the retail model, and the changes to come.

[42:11] What still drives you? What keeps you going after all these years?

[44:46] Sam talks about how he reinvents himself and how he keeps himself relevant.

[46:47] He tells us that when diversity hits, as long as he can pick himself back up and learn from it it’s not a mistake.

[48:19] What’s the biggest lesson that you have learned in life in general?

[49:41] Sam gives us his advice for someone going through each stage of their career as a hairdresser.

[53:15] What information would you give someone thinking of opening a salon?

[55:47] They talk about when it’s the right time to close a salon for whatever reason and have an exit plan.

[57:53] Sam speaks about what he thinks 2020 holds for the industry and his goal for the year.

[59:31] They discuss what has been televised about the risk with permanent hair color.

[1:02:30] Sam speaks about the ergonomic tool company that he says is his exit plan.

[1:05:27] Sam gives us his final words.


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