Episode 021

Martha Lynn Kale

Podcast Length: 59 min | Date Published: 17th December 2019

Martha Lynn Kale – Salon owner, hairstylist, blogger, wife and general all-around super mom…what does it take to balance the many roles of today’s successful salon owner.

We typically hear that the hairdressing industry is made up of an approximately 80% female workforce. And I’m going to guess and say that of that 80 %, that probably 25% of them are also balancing running a business, being a behind the chair stylist, a wife and a mother.

Not to mention being in charge of marketing, finance, recruitment, inventory control, staff training, and managing a team of people… And that’s just the beginning.

Today’s guest is someone who fits that description, her name is Martha Lynn Kale and she is the owner of award-winning salon ‘Mirror Mirror based in Austin Texas.

In Todays Podcast we discuss:

  • The importance of finding balance in your life
  • What it takes to succeed as a woman in business today, [especially while balancing a young family at the same time?]
  • The importance of blogging and social media?
  • What is a ‘safer salon’?
  • What do staff want today?

In This Episode:

[01:38] Welcome to the show, Martha Lynn!

[02:13] Martha Lynn starts out telling us a little about her background.

[03:46] Why did you choose to become a stylist?

[05:04] She tells us that while she was in school, she started building her clientele.

[06:10] She was nominated as the best hairstylist in Austin ten months out of school.

[09:26] How did your background in advertising, marketing, and branding help you when you opened your salon?

[11:10] Martha Lynn speaks about how her salon evolved into what it is today.

[13:32] They expanded the business in the last few years and now have about 17 employees.

[16:18] How do you find balance with work, children, and being a wife?

[17:53] Martha Lynn talks about Instagram and how instrumental it has been for the growth of her salon.

[20:48] She has an eCommerce site to sell beauty products.

[22:38] Martha Lynn says that Instagram gets them new clients, and they have about 20% new clients each month.

[24:14] The stylists have key performance indicators to get highlighted on the salon’s Instagram page.

[25:32] They discuss her blog that feeds into the salon.

[28:15] Martha Lynn speaks about the products they carry and why she chose them.

[31:08] What roles have you delegated in the salon that keep it running like clockwork?

[33:25] She has a salon manager that is the sauce of the business even though when she hired him, it wasn’t in the budget.

[36:08] What is the biggest challenge that you’ve had in the salon?

[38:43] What aren’t you prepared to compromise in your business?

[39:58] They discuss the programs they use to keep the salon running smoothly.

[44:46] What are some of the things you do to keep your team motivated and retain your staff?

[46:00] Martha Lynn tells us that one of their core values is innovation.

[47:26] Mirror Mirror has a specific dollar per day amount that they have to hit to have a level of flexibility with their days.

[50:05] Is the whole salon commission-based now? Is there a sliding scale for commissions? What is the percentage the stylists are paid?

[51:42] If she could go back and give herself advice at the beginning, she would say pay yourself and be confident.

[53:36] Success to her means creating something that is its own living breathing thing, to be able to step back and see that what she created can run on its own.

[57:29] Martha Lynn, how can people find you?

[58:14] She says anyone can do this as long as they are not afraid of hard work.

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Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

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