Episode 019

Vivienne Mackinder

Podcast Length: 58 min | Date Published: 19th November 2019

For many reasons, I am really looking forward to talking with today’s guest.

We all have people in our lives who influence us at a formative stage of our career and I certainly do too.

I started Hairdressing in New Zealand in 1978 but in 1980 I emigrated to London with the dream of working for Vidal Sassoon and when eventually I got a job there my first teacher was Vivienne Mackinder who at the time was a Creative Director at Sassoon and head of staff training so she had an impact on me as a young hairdresser before she left Sassoon and moved on in her career.

As a hairdresser, Vivienne has a list of accolades as long as your arm… and still continues to push the boundaries and evolve in many directions.

So in Todays Podcast, we discuss:
  • The future of education
  • The relevance of awards
  • Leadership
  • The importance of training for young hairdressers
  • Succeeding as a woman in business

In This Episode:

[01:35] Welcome to the show, Vivienne!

[02:04] Vivienne talks about where she is in her career today.

[04:31] Confidence comes from knowledge, so at the beginning and don’t be afraid to be the dumbest one in the room.

[06:12] When was the inception of hairdesigner.tv? What was the inspiration to start it?

[10:17] They speak about the website, what it includes, and how to use it.

[12:50] She tells us a story about going to a high-end salon in London and being surprised that there was no consultation.

[18:39] Vivienne talks about the course she built around the consultation and how it has increased the stylist business.

[21:29] To be a person of influence behind your chair means that you are a leader because you are leading someone. Don’t abuse it; listen to your clients.

[24:10] Do you know how to interpret what a client wants, to make it work for their face and their hair texture?

[26:13] Vivienne speaks about being confident about customizing hair cuts, knowing angles, and cutting to bone structure.

[28:30] Doing hair cuts can be a money issue because customizing a cut can take more time than doing a basic generic cut.

[30:33] Hairdesigner.tv can be used as a training tool to get stylists up to the level you need them to be for your salon.

[31:32] Vivienne tells us about what she saw on a YouTube video where someone was cutting a fringe, they used seven techniques, but why?

[34:57] Are awards as relevant today as they were in the last 30 to 40 years?

[38:13] She speaks to us about her documentary called ‘Not Just a Hairdresser.’

[42:31] Have you ever wanted to own a salon? 

[43:55] Vivienne believes that leadership is the most important thing of all, surrounding yourself with people who are extraordinary and lead by example.

[49:44] Being from England, how has living in America changed you as a hairdresser and as a businesswoman?

[51:36] Vivienne’s advice to young women today is, design your lifestyle first then back your career into it. What’s most important to you? Career? Family?

[57:11] Vivienne, thank you so much for sharing all of your beautiful thoughts.


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