When did you last really thank someone?

I don’t mean the cursory “thank you” that hopefully we all say many times a day, usually without really thinking about it.

I mean the special note, the email, the card, whatever it is, as long as it is a heartfelt “thank you”… an un-solicited and out of the blue “thank you”, with no agenda or expectations, but purely to express a debt of gratitude, to give your sincere “thanks”

It doesn’t happen every day…

in fact it doesn’t happen every week, but occasionally out of the blue, I get a card, a scrawled note, an email thanking me for having had an effect on someone by something I had said or written or done.

It might have been a day ago a week ago or years ago… but every time it happens… wow! how does it make me feel.

Sure I get paid, and I get great feedback from my seminars, but that un-solicited and un-expected “thank you” is just plain… special. It warms a place that money alone can never reach.

Where do you start…

In our hectic achievement driven lives we often forget to stop and reflect on the people who have made us who we are both in the past and in the present.

Often at the time we perhaps didn’t realize just how significant it was “that comment, that advice, that recommendation or helping hand” that someone had said or did that had an effect on how we think and act. Perhaps at the time it was even advice we resented and initially rejected. 

We all have people in our lives who contribute to our mental, spiritual, emotional and creative well being, sometimes they are friends sometimes family and sometimes complete strangers who contribute to our happiness and well being.

Make their day, thank them.

It’s not just good to get… but good to do as well.

So, who started you in this industry? Who gave you your first job? Who inspired you? Who went out on a limb for you? Who has taught you something…anything? Who makes a contribution to your life to make you the person you are? Who raised you? Who looks up to you? Who pays you? who, who, who…

When did you last thank them? did you ever? if not now…when?

Thank them, put pen to paper.

Thank you for watching…

Have a great week! 

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