How do you make people feel?

Don’t just gloss over that question… When a client comes to your salon, ask yourself ‘How do you really make people feel?’

When clients come into your salon they get a haircut and maybe a colour and an experience. Part of that experience is, ‘how you make people feel’.

When you go into a store and buy something you walk out the door with a product but you also walk out the door with a ‘feeling’.

For example, I am sure that you have some designer label possessions 

Why did you buy that designer label?

Why do some people, maybe you did, spend inordinate amounts of money on watches, sunglasses, handbags etc when the market is saturated with “copies” of almost every luxury item out there that are often almost indistinguishable from the originals and available at a fraction of the price?

It is not just the quality and practicality of the product itself, it is because of “how it makes you feel.” That is the component that differs the most when you buy the copy the feeling that you get, not just during the experience of buying it but every time you wear or carry it.

What is that feeling? It depends on the product in question, but maybe the original will give you an added feeling of confidence, authenticity, beauty, desirability, success, power, recognition etc

What ever it is, that intangible, invisible emotion is what you paid for every bit as much as the product itself because you simply don’t get that feeling with the copy.

As a hairdresser your services are your product…

Just as prices vary enormously for handbags and watches when buying originals versus copies, they vary enormously for haircuts and colours from salon to salon.

Just like the handbags, what the client is buying when they come to your salon is how you make them feel, how you treat them, the relationship, the experience that gives the client that added feeling of confidence, beauty, desirability, success, power, recognition.

That intangible, invisible emotion is what your clients pay for, every bit as much as the haircut/colour itself.

Your haircut doesn’t have a label attached to it

Unlike brands like the Louis Vuitton bag or the Rolex watch your haircut doesn’t have a label attached to it that subtly endorses the wearer and advertises the manufacturer.

Your brand, is a brand experience that you deliver, an emotional journey, and how you make people feel in your chair, your salon determines what value they put on you how much they are prepared to pay for your serveces and how they endorse you…or not.

Coaching Clinic

Brainstorm with your team:

  • What is the feeling your salon brand projects?
  • Do your clients associate that feeling with you?
  • How do or can you market that feeling?
  • As individuals how do we deliver that feeling?
  • How can we train people to deliver that feeling?

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2 responses to “How do you make people feel?”

  1. Kim K Sousa says:

    Antony! This is your MOST IMPORTANT message to stylists. It is what I said to my son only a few days ago, before this came out. It is the most important thing across any job interview or profession. Whether you are in a hospital with patients, at the register at a drug store or grocery, or in a job you want to land…what will the person on the receiving end remember about YOU. It is all about how you make them feel – it is that simple. At times a client will ask about a different look (color, cut etc.), or a process I don’t offer (like chemical straightening), and want my recommendation. In a day or two I respond by email, starting off with: “I’ve been thinking about you, and…”. Most times at the salon I am very busy, but always listen to my clients. When I am off, and sadly sometimes trying to sleep, I think about them. I care about them. I may get on a YouTube video for research, or just check in with my memory banks and years of educational conferences to find the answer. They LOVE that I have thought about them, and taken the time to respond. As I mentioned, it may be on a service for them I am not even doing! I had a client the other day come in for an appointment. She asked if I remembered her. I said that she looked familiar, and I feel I had probably done her hair once or twice. She mentioned she was living in Colorado, but moved back to Marin County, CA. It was then that my mind spilled out at least 20 different things she told me about herself, and she could not believe I remembered all of it. She moved back to a location with 3 salons within a 1/2 a block of her new home, yet drove 30-45 minutes to get to me.
    She loved the way I did her hair, and left a generous tip. During her appointment we chatted away and laughed; I was on hour 12 of my work-day. The one thing she asked was references to commercial real estate brokers for office space for her Neurology practice. I made a quick note, and 2 days later I sent her 3 names as promised. Stylists know everyone – right? So… be nice, care, follow-through, and make sure you leave your client feeling just that. K. Sousa, Marin County, CA – Perfect Salon

    • Hi Kim, this is great feedback thank you for taking the time to let me know. I love the examples that you use. It’s not rocket science but it’s the difference that makes the difference!

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