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When it comes to finances, most salon owners admit to some anxiety, but when you replace fear with knowledge and clarity, you feel empowered and quickly learn to love the numbers and the results that come with it.

Join me on this masterclass and learn the steps to becoming a financially savvy salon owner!



Exactly what your job as the business owner is [hint it may not be what you think it is!]

When you open a business, you take on risks and responsibilities that you can’t delegate. Sure, your accountant has a role, but it’s not their job to manage and grow your business! 

As a salon owner, it's essential that you understand the financial side of your business.. When you learn to really understand your business from a financial perspective, you’ll feel empowered and make decisions based on facts, not emotions.

As a result, your financial success will help ensure that you and your business continue to grow.


Becoming a financially savvy salon owner

Many salon owners find themselves in a situation where they get their business to a certain point but then start to feel out of their depth when faced with understanding what the numbers in their business are telling them and how they should respond. 

That lack of financial awareness holds many salon owners back from getting to that next level and creating a financially successful business.

It’s time to overcome that barrier and unlock your salon's financial potential.


The goal of business is to grow!

Financial growth starts with awareness of the numbers that are the key drivers of productivity.

As the business owner it's your responsibility to understand and track the numbers that drive growth at both the individual and salon level.

Like every game there is a scoreboard and in business the scoreboards are the financial reports that you need to understand and if you don’t understand the ‘scoreboard’ you won't win the game.

In this masterclass we focus on the scoreboard and the numbers that matter.

Get Financially Savvy

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Monday 10th June 4 pm UK
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-A note from Antony

Whether you've just started out in business…

or you've been established for years, my goal is to help you grow!

I've helped many thousands of salon owners and managers to build better businesses and live a better life, and I know that I can help you too!

Hi I'm Antony Whitaker, I’ve been in the salon industry for over 30 years and have owned both salons and schools. I’ve presented business seminars in over 50 countries and have had the privilege of coaching hundreds of clients in 12 countries. I don't tell you this to impress you but rather to impress upon you that I really know the salon business and have a unique insight into what works and what doesn’t.

Today more than ever, if businesses are to grow and prosper, they need to be well managed, efficient and profitable. 

And as the owner that all starts with you!

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