Episode 129

Ben Jay

Podcast Length: | Date Published: 22nd February 2022

The changing role of the hair salon in the community with Ben Jay

These are interesting and exciting times we are living in, and I’m not just talking about the last two years. The changes that are happening with consumer and employee expectations, lifestyle, technology and how people today want to live their lives today impacts on every area of what we do. 

And in the hair and beauty business, I find that exciting as I see salon owners reinventing their business and questioning; what is the salon of the future? What role do salons have in the community today? And most importantly where are the opportunities?

On today’s podcast, we are talking to Benjamin Jay, co-owner of The Hair Loft salons and the With Love Collective in Chicago.

In this episode we will discuss:

  • The changing role of the hair salon in the community
  • Creating a salon that also serves as an event space, a bar, a retail environment and a salon… 

And lots more!

In this Episode:

[02:48] Ben shares a brief overview of his professional background, and what the past two years have looked like for him and his salons. 

[05:40] An explanation of the With Love Collective concept which Ben has recently incorporated into his business. 

[08:44] How the COVID-19 pandemic exposed the vulnerability of salon owners. 

[10:38] Examples of the wide range of products that you can expect to find on the With Love Collective website, and Ben’s approach to curating this collection.  

[14:18] Different retail relationships that the With Love Collective has with its stockists. 

[18:23] How Ben creates a sense of community within and around his salons.  

[20:53] Inspiration behind the name, With Love Collective.

[22:56] What Ben has found beneficial about having two different salon brands i.e. With Love Collective and The Hair Loft.  

[24:24] Ben’s experience as the second generation running The Hair Loft.  

[26:26] How Ben’s social media-related goals have changed over time and the importance of this marketing method to his salons.  

[28:36] Responses from clients that Ben has received regarding the changes he has made over the past few years. 

[29:21] What Ben is going to emphasize during phase two of rolling out the brand changes he has made.

[33:07] Ben’s thoughts on how to defend traditional salons. 

[33:50] Trends that Ben has noticed are taking place in the salon industry (and many other industries) at the moment.

[35:18] How Ben makes sure that his team are not negatively impacted by the changes that have been implemented. 


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Special thanks to Ben for sharing his thoughts with me for this week’s episode. Until next time!



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