Episode 111

Antony Whitaker

Podcast Length: 18.52 | Date Published: 19th October 2021

How to Create a Culture of Productivity

Over the years I get asked a lot of questions from both salon owners and stylists who either jump into my DM’s, email me or hit me up at a live event. 

So I thought I’d address some of them in this week’s episode…

The salon owners often ask questions that are essentially about “How do you get team members to be more productive?” …The question is worded in many different ways, but essentially that is usually the essence of it.

Whereas the stylists often ask questions like, “What do I need to do to become more in demand?” 

Or “What’s the fastest way to build your column and become a fully booked stylist?” 

Or “What do I need to do to get busy?

As you can see, they are very similar questions, but they just come at it from a different perspective. So, let’s delve into that a bit…

In this Episode:

[00:54] A common theme that runs through the questions I am regularly asked by salon owners. 

[01:58] How I got my very first client, and what I learned from this experience. 

[04:10] The four books I have written and the impact that they have had on people in the salon industry.    

[05:35] What my journey in the salon industry has consisted of. 

[07:38] Factors that differentiate more successful salon owners from less successful ones.

[10:03] Where I have received my business education from. 

[10:54] The biggest challenge that salon owners are faced with, and how I dealt with this challenge as a salon owner myself. 

[11:58] One of the big reasons that so many hairdressers don’t make money. 

[14:30] Traits that make someone a “super stylist.” 

[15:52] The online course I launched last year, and where you can find out more about it.

Until next time!


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