Episode 061

Fry Taylor

Podcast Length: 64 min | Date Published: 27th October 2020

“There Is No Planet B” We Are All In This Together!

Today I am talking about sustainability, carbon footprints, being green, recycling, looking after the planet, etc… And sometimes I think that because that’s the very unsexy side of hairdressing that people might tune out …But I Really, Really want you to listen to this because as the posters say “There is no planet B’ and we are all in this together.” And the more educated, informed and aware we are the better for our collective wellbeing and the wellbeing of humanity.

My guest on today’s Podcast is Fry Taylor Co-founder of greensaloncollective.com

Green Salon Collective was founded by environmental experts, hairdressers & eco campaigners, Green Salon Collective is the original authority on salon sustainability throughout the UK and Ireland.

Their vision is to facilitate salon sustainability by recycling the unrecyclable. The profits raised from the sale of all commodities get redistributed and recycled too by supporting charities & local communities, as well as aiding all salons on their own journey towards a greener future.

Now I know that about 30% of my audience is in the UK and Ireland the rest of you are American, Australian, Canadian, New Zealand, or scattered around another 50 countries.

Green Salon Collective is a similar business to Green Circles in North America and Sustainable Salons in Australia, and I am sure there are more out there in other countries too. But, no matter where you are from, I encourage you to listen in to this podcast as there are some great initiatives being spoken about.

In today’s podcast we discuss:

  • How participating in Green Salon Collective brings in new clients
  • Some amazing things that can be done with recycled salon materials that would normally end up in landfill
  • How profits are reinvested back into local communities

And lots more!

In This Episode:

[03:26] Welcome to the show, Fry!

[03:52] Fry shares an overview of what Green Salon Collective does.

[04:49] Why did you start this company?

[07:17] Fry speaks about GenZ and how they embrace recycling.

[09:09] Fry discusses how salon owners can benefit from a system like this.

[13:02] Listen as Fry shares how to justify the green fee to clients when they ask.

[16:53] Many salons across the world are charging PPE fees, so why not add on a green fee?

[19:00] Fry speaks about what the process looks like from a salon owner’s perspective.

[21:38] They supply Salons with containers to help them separate the items to be recycled.

[25:08] Fry discusses how often the recycling is picked up and how much room they need for the boxes.

[26:45] Fry speaks about how hair is recycled.

[28:10] Fry shares a story about how hair is being used to absorb oil.

[30:10] He discusses how hair is used to make mats that can filter the trash from water in drainage systems.

[32:43] Fry speaks about other uses for recycled hair.

[35:09] Listen as Fry discusses what metals in a salon we can recycle.

[38:01] Fry gives some rough numbers on the amount of foil a salon can recycle.

[40:01] He shares the plastics they recycle and what they do with it.

[43:24] Gloves are tricky because they are contaminated; they use a special company to recycle them.

[46:29] Is plastic wrap a recyclable commodity?

[47:28] Fry speaks about paper and cardboard recycling and how it is done.

[50:05] Listen as Fry discusses recycling salon chemicals.

[53:15] How does your company handle PPE?

[54:33] Fry talks about the charities they can support.

[56:23] He speaks about Paul Mitchell being the first product company to reach out to them.

[58:00] Fry discusses what he believes salons of the future will look like and how sustainable they will be.

[1:03:05] Thank you so much for being on the show today.

Thanks for listening!

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Special thanks to Fry Taylor for sharing his words of wisdom with me for this week’s episode. Until next time!

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