Episode 054

Tim Hartley

Podcast Length: 60 min | Date Published: 8th September 2020

There are only a handful of hairdressers that truly deserve the title ‘Iconic.’ But my guest today is Mr Tim Hartley, and he is certainly one of them. 

Tim is the former International Creative Director of the Sassoon Organisation. And over a long career, he has influenced a generation of ‘haircutters’ with not just how he ‘cuts hair’ but also with his thoughts about hair and fashion and his understanding of all the references that the wider fashion world draws on.

That’s one reason I love talking to him because whether it’s from art or architecture or music and popular culture, he is a wealth of inspiration. 

Since leaving Sassoon 16 years ago, Tim has continued to shake things up under his own brand. And still, to this day, he has a lot of wisdom, passion, and a genuine love for the craft that is not only rare to find but also very inspiring!

So, in today’s podcast, we talk about:

  • The process of creativity… 
  • How hair fashions evolve and
  • Tim’s new project ‘Tim Hartley Hair world’ and
  • How COVID might impact on hair fashions…

And lots more!

In This Episode:

[02:03] Welcome to the show, Tim!

[02:40] Listen as Tim shares what keeps his passion for the industry alive.

[06:30] Tim discusses how he handles hair and the unique opportunity you have to change someone’s life with scissors.

[09:07] Tim speaks about engaging the head and hands to create something beautiful for the client.

[13:18] How do you think the pandemic will influence fashion and trends going forward?

[15:49] Tim believes that hairdressers need to relearn shampoo’s art and how to take care of hair again.

[17:59] Tim believes now is the time to revisit all the amazing above the shoulder haircuts.

[20:26] Tim says that the ponytail goes with hoodies, and the fashion cycle has turned, and we are starting all over again with haircuts.

[23:23] Antony speaks about how refreshing it is to see a short haircut after all the long hair that’s been popular.

[25:25] It’s time to bring the hair up above the shoulder so it can move.

[28:02] Tim shares about a project he is working on.

[31:00] Listen as Tim discusses a magazine he was featured in.

[33:59] What is Tim Hartley Hairworld?

[36:15] Tim talks about his education and training system designed for today’s trends.

[38:52] Tim says he is trying to create looks that can be done easily and quickly.

[42:02] When will Tim Hartley Hairworld launch?

[45:41] Tim discusses how being Creative Director of Sassoon came with a restriction to create hair in the Sassoon way.

[49:12] Beauty and glamour are the common thread that runs through everything he does with hair.

[52:09] How has Instagram influenced fashion and education?

[54:24] Tim speaks about a hairstylists environment and finding things you like to cultivate what you do.

[58:21] Tim shares some last words.

[58:33] Thank you so much for being on the show!

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Special thanks to Tim Hartley for sharing his words of wisdom with me for this week’s episode. Until next time!

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