Episode 030

Ben Jay

Podcast Length: 61 min | Date Published: 10th March 2020

How to compete with changing ‘employment models’, the age of ‘specialization’ and the ‘evolving salon retail model’.

I have the pleasure of working with many salon owners all over the world. As a result, I am very fortunate to have inspiring and insightful conversations about the changes that are happening in the salon industry.

But, perhaps, more importantly, I get an insight into how forward-thinking salon owners are evolving their business approach to accommodate the never-ending changes to succeed in the salon business today.

Today’s guest on the Podcast is Ben Jay co-owner of The Hair Loftsalons, a successful family business in Chicago that started in 1980 and continues to evolve with the times.

In today’s podcast, amongst many other things, we will discuss:

  • What some of the changes are that are impacting on the traditional salon businesses model?
  • The never-ending impact of new technologies
  • The increase of speciality salons.
  • How the big product brands are evolving and what that means for the salon business

In This Episode:

[01:31] Welcome to the show, Ben!

[01:56] Ben shares his background and how he ended up in the salon business.

[02:57] How many salons do you have now? How many employees do you have?

[04:04] Ben speaks about some of the challenges he faces in his salon today.

[06:05] Ben shares his business model and his insight on the new models he sees today.

[08:52] Ben believes that the employee-based model dominates in Chicago, but the salon suites model is popping up everywhere.

[11:07] With the technology, lifestyle, and business model, it’s almost like the perfect storm for the increase of salon suites.

[13:08] How do you keep stylists in your salon and prevent them from leaving to work for themselves?

[15:00] Ben gives examples of how he makes his stylists feel like they are getting a more significant share of the commission than they are by adding value.

[17:43] Giving his employees by giving them continuing education, scheduling help, and other things to support them daily.

[18:35] What do you do at The Hair Loft that bonds people to your brand and keeps them with you long term?

[20:07] How do you factor flexibility in schedules into your business model?

[23:43] Ben believes that you have to scale hairdressers’ pay so that they can make a good living and break the belief that they can make more on their own.

[26:34] Have you ever leased a suite and then wished you had stayed with your salon?

[27:47] Ben speaks about the advantages of having a team behind you.

[28:55] Ben chats about two new stylists he just brought in and their individuality.

[31:56] Ben gives examples of different types of specialty salons.

[33:21] Is your salon a full-service salon? Do you have a blow-dry menu?

[35:11] Ben describes the color room in his salon and who works there.

[38:55] Ben shares about professional product brands and their attempts to cut out the distributors.

[44:24] What do you do as a salon owner to protect the retail side of your business?

[47:00] Ben speaks about the salons online retail store that allows their clients to purchase products and have them delivered or shipped.

[49:08] Antony recommends that everyone go to www.thehairloftltd.com and look at their website.

[50:04] Ben shares about the unique products they have in their retail store that are made by local Chicago residents.

[54:56] Ben speaks about getting their alcohol and liquor license so they can sell wine and beer in their salons.

[56:15] How do you promote beverages? Do you have a menu?

[57:25] Ben shares about the app they have in their salon.

[58:50] Do you have any final words or thoughts for the listeners?

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[1:00:06] Ben, thank you so much for being a guest on the podcast!

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