Money Seminar

Is your business an asset or a liability?
Will it put money in your pocket without you having to work in it or have you bought yourself a job?


You will not grow if you are not financially astute, if you want a successful business you have to be on top of the financial side or it will destroy you.

The harsh reality is that the majority of small business’s fail; the danger is that most business operators run the business out of their heads without the proper operating systems. The “Money seminar” is about developing those systems.

The key points covered during the day are:

  1. Financial functions, delegation or abdication
  2. Why business’s fail
  3. Decreasing overheads and increasing turnover
  4. Key Performance Indicators, Industry benchmarks
  5. Financial systems, Recording and Monitoring
  6. Financial systems, Productivity and Forward planning
  7. Levels of expectation, goal setting, and accountability
  8. Pricing of services and operators
  9. Remuneration, commissions, incentives
  10. Target meetings and coaching for growth

Who should attend?

The “Money seminar” is a full day seminar (9.00am – 5pm) specifically for salon owners and managers who are serious about developing the business of their dreams and are prepared to do the work to make it happen.

The outcome you should expect

The outcome you should expect from the day is to have a very clear understanding and be able to implement the financial systems you need to have in place to succeed, without getting bogged down in analysis paralysis but have systems that help you drive the productivity and profit forward.

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