I’m sorry but ‘You are not a star and you are not an artist!’

I’m a hairdresser and I love what I do! I’m proud to be a hairdresser, why wouldn’t I be?

Over the years I have been fortunate to win many awards including twice Australian hairdresser of the year so I must be at least okay. But I wouldn’t call myself an artist and I sure as hell wouldn’t call myself a star! I’m a hairdresser and proud of it!

Creating monsters!

I often will read about, or meet salon owners that will talk about making their staff ‘Stars’ or referring to them as ‘Artists’.

I will also frequently read or meet salon owners who have huge problems with managing their team and getting them to consistently deliver a standard of service. Is it any wonder?

They think they’re ‘stars’ and ‘artists’ and the very titles that you have bestowed upon them has given them license to behave like ‘stars and artists’. Words like precocious, entitled, ego maniacs spring to mind.

Customer service is beneath the artist, and the star is expecting people to serve them. They are not thinking about taking responsibility for their productivity, they’re not thinking about retail or rebooking or how they can give great customer service.

In fact, they no longer need you! They’re probably thinking about leaving you right now because they want more and they believe they are entitled to it and why shouldn’t they be because that’s what you have set them up to believe. 

Set people up for success

Hairdressing is a noble craft, it’s part of the service industry and there is nothing demeaning about that, do it well and do it with pride. But if you set people up to think they are ‘stars and artists’ you are setting ‘both them’ and ‘you’ up for failure.

Set them up for success, treat them professionally, train them to be great craftspeople and train them to be part of the service industry.

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2 responses to “You are not a star and you are not an artist.”

  1. Kevin Michaels says:

    Thank you for sharing these thoughts of being a star or an artist. Hairdressers have been saying this form the platform stages around America for the last two maybe three decades.
    Now how do we let the star stylist and artist stylist know there just a great hairdresser.🤨

  2. ‘Are you taking responsibility for your productivity?’

    GREAT tag line my friend. Keep up the good work!

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