You build your business one client at a time…

”One client at a time,” …it’s a mantra worth repeating, a mantra that every one of us should have as our personal mission statement as a constant reminder to always be at our best.

You are in the people business and the very life blood of your business is fuelled by not just attracting new people, but by keeping them as long as possible, and having them return to you as frequently as possible.

They come in one’s…

They may come in one’s, but ‘one’ turns to two, two turns into three and three into four …but only if you have earned their trust and keep on earning it every time they come back.

In the hairdressing industry we don’t have one big supplier of new clients, most of our new clients are referred to us from our existing clients, ‘one client’ at a time.

Unlike other industries we don’t have one big financial interaction and then move on to find the next client.

Your clients aren’t contractually obliged to keep coming back to you, so your success is very much dependent on you being able to deliver an experience that will keep them coming back, one client at a time.

Exceeding expectations…

Delivering extra-ordinary positive experiences for many salons may be a rare occurrence, but it’s a way of life for the salons that get it right.

Delivering consistently high levels of service is not a choice, it is an attitude, a culture, it is a collective way of delivering the ultimate client experience.

“Wowing” clients is not the exception. It has to be the rule. Exceeding expectations by going ‘above and beyond’ is not a surprise. It has to be planned and executed with diligence, ease and grace, ‘one client’ at a time.

In any area of our lives…

those businesses that succeed, know and apply certain practices that most companies do not. This is what differentiates them from the rest, that is what keeps them moving forward on the leading edge of innovation and change, forcing others to play catch up.

In the hairdressing industry they are the salons that exceed client expectations, they solve problems before clients even know there is a problem, they anticipate and fill clients needs before the clients even know they have a need.

They offer value and they deliver on their commitment. They understand that the client is ‘not always right’, but it is not about having to be right, it’s about building a business, and that means making the client happy ‘one client’ at a time.

One response to “One client at a time!”

  1. Kim K Sousa says:

    Hi Antony,
    Again, I look forward to your shares – each and every one!
    They help me grow, and reinforce what I know.
    You are a gift, as I have said again and again – which is probably why Paul Mitchell grabbed you up.
    I would love to be a fly-on-the-wall watching a conversation between you and Gino Stampora. He is another outstanding salon leader that I love listening to.
    He is serious, smart, and at the same time – fun! He made sense.
    My success I owe listening to the words of both of you. I am fortunate and successful.
    I am just a salon suite, but that is my comfort zone, as I run myself the best – and I have a clientele that probably prefers the 1:1 quiet zone.
    Anyway, thank you always…
    Kim Sousa

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