Just start, you never know where it will lead…

Many of us don’t start something because we don’t think we are good enough, or we just don’t feel we are ready yet.

But it’s important to just start, that’s usually the most difficult bit ‘the beginning’.

Because once you start you create momentum, and before long the momentum turns into a habit and the habits turns into ‘who you are’.

I started ‘The Two Minute Salon Manager’…

after putting it off for ages with a range of excuses, the idea was that it would be an easily digestible and relevant bit of salon specific information that would be helpful to salon managers everywhere. 

The first 80 episodes of ‘The Two Minute Salon Manager’ were only in the form of a written newsletter, this is episode number 284 and the last 204 have been a video and written and have been almost every week.

Over the years it has evolved, hopefully I have got better presenting it and hopefully the production quality and content has continued to improve.

The next step is about to happen because as of the 3rd April they will take a giant leap forward in production quality as they are now part of my very exciting new collaboration with ‘John Paul Mitchell Systems’ which is an amazing company to be affiliated with. 

So what’s the lesson? Just start, because you never know where it will lead… Start whatever it is you are putting off!

It doesn’t matter that it’s not perfect or that you think you are not good enough, ‘you' and ‘it’ will get better as you do it.

Then, once you’ve started whatever it is just keep asking yourself, “How can I make this better?” You never know where it will lead…

Thank you for watching…

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Have a great week!

2 responses to “Just start, you never know where it will lead…”

  1. Great work Antony! Congratulations on the John Paul Mitchell collaboration.

  2. Robin Hayford says:

    Thank you-
    I appreciate your wisdom and knowledge.
    Robin Hayford

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