“If you don’t grow, your business never will”

That’s such an important sentence, “If you don’t grow your business never will”. It doesn't matter if ‘your business' refers to ‘your column', or if you are the salon owner, it refers to ‘the salon'

The fact remains, ‘if you don't grow, your business never will.'

So, what are you doing to ensure that you keep learning, growing, and developing as a professional?

Unfortunately many people are doing nothing.

In some countries certain professions like accountants and lawyers have to commit every year to a minimum of two weeks further education as a condition of retaining their license to practise in their chosen field.

Likewise I come across many salons that build into employment contracts a requirement that employees need to attend a set number of training days to ensure that their motivation and skill level are always at their peak.

In hairdressing…

like most occupations, once you have got your license your continued growth is down to you, and unfortunately for many people that is where they stop growing. They expect someone else to spoon feed them ongoing education, but, the really successful people in any industry recognise that their education is never complete and that ultimately it’s down to them to seek it out.

People like that are constantly looking for an edge in every area, from creative and technical development to the never ending fine tuning of their business and people skills.

Your business is a reflection of you and…

If you don’t grow your business never will. No matter where I go, I am always aware that there are people in my audience who are very successful, and yet, here they are sat in the audience looking for any distinction that will help them continue to fine tune their business.

It's their ongoing commitment to learning by attending seminars, reading books, or watching DVD's/ streaming content and they're constantly looking for an edge which gives them the edge.

Too often the reason we stop growing is…

because of a fear of failure, a fear of getting it wrong.

It's not that those people that continue to grow never fail at what they are doing. They do, but the difference is that they don't see it as failure, instead they see failure as ‘feed-back'.

When something doesn't work out as imagined they see it as an opportunity to ask why, and they look for distinctions to make, so that they get a different result the next time.

They're not afraid of stepping outside their comfort zone because they know that is where they will find growth and opportunity.

Learning any new skill will always be a mixture of frustration and fun but if you don't put yourself out there and try you will quickly be left behind.

As a coaching exercise,

Sit down with your team and brainstorm:

  • What new skills should we commit to learning as a team and as individuals?  
  • How can we create a salon culture of constant and never ending improvement?

Thank you for watching…

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