Have you got what it takes?

Like many people, I enjoy watching a range of sports, whether it’s athletics, football, rugby, tennis or basketball.

When you watch great athletes in any sport, it is hard to not be humbled by the devotion and dedication they have to their chosen sport. I think that the discipline and focus that is needed to develop such amazing bodies and compete at the highest level is incredibly inspiring.

But, it’s not just their amazing bodies, it’s their equally amazing minds.

You see, I would like to suggest that at some point in our lives that perhaps you and I [and I say perhaps] had the body that physically had the ‘potential’ to be some ‘amazing machine’ that could have, with the right training, the right diet, the right facilities and support… that perhaps could have been capable of running, swimming, jumping, throwing… or whatever, to be ‘Incredible’ at it.

We may have had the body, that had the potential. But, did we have the mental attributes?

Did we have the desire, the focus, the determination, the self motivation the commitment, the passion, the hunger and the discipline?

In every area of our life, we have potential…

The difference is that with the right mindset some people turn potential into reality.

30 years ago a friend of mine wrote 4 words down on a scrap of paper for me, [I still have the piece of paper today].

The first word was ‘WANT’


It all starts by knowing what you WANT.

So what do you WANT?

What do you WANT to achieve?

What do you WANT to win?

What do you WANT to own?

Who do you WANT to be?

Where do you WANT to go?

The second word was ‘PLAN'


It won’t just happen, you need a PLAN about how to turn ‘what you WANT’ into reality.

What is the PLAN?

What is the strategy?

What is the system?

Have you broken it down into small steps?

How are you going to turn what you ‘want’ into reality?

So, what’s your PLAN?

The third word is ‘SACRIFICE’


Inevitably, there will need to be sacrifices made along the way, will the sacrifices be money, friendships, time, relationships, opportunities?

What are you prepared to SACRIFICE?

What will you have to go without?

What are you prepared to give up?

What won’t you be able to spend money on?

Who won’t you be able to hang out with?

Are you prepared to ‘pay the price’ to get what you want?

And the fourth and final word was ‘ACT’


Are you prepared to act?

Not just ‘once, or ‘occasionally’, or ‘when you feel like it’ or when someone else is watching or, or, or…

Because without taking consistent action, nothing will happen.

Thank you for watching…

Have a great week! 

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