Don’t be average!

One of the most rewarding experiences is when you see the next generation of young hairdressers coming through. The next batch of 20 year olds settling in and finding their way with a career in hair.

For me it’s such a privileged position to stand at the front of a room of hairdressers and be able to positively influence and grow their understanding of the possibilities that a career in the hairdressing profession can bring.

When you see the lights go on in someones eyes, when they write heartfelt messages and say that they can’t wait to get back to the salon and try out their new found skills.

When they say that they “get it” that they have seen another way, a better way, when their understanding of the potential that lies ahead of them, and within them, to succeed on many levels as hairdressers is awakened. It’s brilliant.   

Regardless of whether it’s being a busy stylist ‘behind the chair’ or the many other career possibilities that will all typically begin by sweeping the floor and folding towels in a salon, hairdressing can be a great career.

Be anything, but average…

I know that not everyone that starts out in a hairdressing career will last the distance. I know it’s not easy, I never said it was.

Some of them just don’t have what it takes. For others, hairdressing is a stepping stone to something else. Some ‘want it all’ today, but don’t want to put in the hours and hours of effort required to get it. And some, simply never want to be more than average.

Average in their commitment, average in their expectations, average in their resilience, average in their effort, average in their determination. Average at everything.

I once asked the late Vidal Sassoon “What is the best bit of advice you would give to the average hairdresser? his answer “Be anything but average!”

Average is not rewarding…

By definition “average” means like most people. So if the goal is to be anything but average don’t be like most people. Do what the average hairdresser doesn’t do!

If the average hairdresser doesn’t set goals… then set goals.

If the average hairdressers doesn’t read books… then read books …preferably mine!

If the average hairdresser doesn’t continually attend education courses, then make sure you are always furthering your education.

If the average hairdresser is waiting for someone else to motivate them, then be self motivated, hold yourself to a higher standard.

Average is not very rewarding. The average hairdresser doesn’t earn a good income. But there are many hairdressers who earn a great income. Why? Well, it’s because they do more than most, they do more than the average.

I don’t just mean they do more clients, or do more colour or retail etc. But they have more commitment, more passion, more self motivation, more vision, more determination.

They may or may not be the best at ‘doing' hair in the salon, but you can be sure they never stop trying and they recognise that technical and creative ability is only half of what is needed to be really successful.   

The fact that you are watching this means that you are not the average hairdresser… the average one wouldn’t bother. You are not average, congratulations! Stick at it, hold yourself to a higher standard, commit to growth. Commit to becoming more than you already are. Commit to being anything but average!

So what are some practical next steps

Brainstorm with your team:

What three things can we do this week that the average hairdresser doesn’t?

What is average productivity for hairdressers in our salon and how can we grow it?

What is the average wage in our salon and how can we increase it?

Thank you for watching…

Have a great week! 

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