Do you want more?

Exactly ninety five percent of people would like to be get, be, do or have more… and the other 5% probably lie about other things too 🙂

Most people want more, – more money, more holidays, more clothes, more shoes, more time, more choice… a better home, a second home, a new car, to eat out more etc etc

But, if you ask them what they are doing to learn how to get more… other than waiting and hoping, most people are doing very little… or nothing at all.

How much do you invest in yourself?

In other words, what are you learning? What books are you reading, what dvd’s are you watching, what podcasts are you listening to? What courses are you attending? Who do you associate with who has already achieved what you want?

You earn what you currently earn based on what you currently do. If you want to earn more, then you have to learn something that you don’t currently know, and then do something that you don’t currently do. 

Many people will invest in a property, or perhaps stocks and shares in the hope of making money, some do, some don’t.

But what do you invest in yourself? What do you invest in both time and money [because “YOU” need both] in the hope of growing “You”? 

I love the expression…

If nothing changes… nothing changes

Are you one of those people who spend more time planning their summer holiday than they spend planning their life?

If you want something different, don’t expect someone else to do it for you, It’s not their responsibility, it’s yours, it’s all down to you.

Many of the people who read this are young [20-30 years young, lucky them], and they’re optimistic about their future, optimistic about succeeding and becoming wealthier. If you dig a bit deeper, they don’t usually know how it’s going to happen but they’re optimistic none the less, that something will “just happen”.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but chances are, it won’t. It won’t happen unless you know what you want and start planning what you need to do, what you need to learn, who you need to become to make your dream happen.

So invest in yourself…

How much money a year? How much time a year? The answer is, there is no answer. But, if you have aspirations to get more from life, you need to be prepared to invest the time and the money to grow “You”.

What skills don’t you have? Instead of justifying why you can’t put hair up or do extensions, or get better at colour, cutting or what-ever your skill shortage is, why don’t you enrol in a class, buy a book or a dvd and spend the time to practice, practice, practice.

But PLEASE don’t make the mistake that hairdressers often do by thinking that you only need to invest in up-skilling on the technical and creative skills.

Get a coach or do a course with me or anyone else, go to the book store, or iTunes, look under personal development and or management sections and you will see some amazing books on how to communicate better, how to build better relationships, how to be a better team player, how to get more fun and happiness in your life.

DON’T write off books like that as not being relevant to you! There is some amazing life changing material available… but you have to find it… it won’t find you. You have to buy it, and you have to read it, and you have to implement. No one else can do it for you.

Do you really want more?

Have you got the necessary self discipline to put in the time energy and money?

Or is it all too hard?

If you want more out of life… you have got to put more into life. Most people who want more are simply not prepared to do anything to change their circumstances. You need to invest both time and money to become the person you want to be and have the things you want to have.

Brainstorm with your team:

What areas do we as a team need to improve our skills in?

As individuals what areas do we underperform in?

What books should we make mandatory reading for all our team.

Thank you for watching…

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2 responses to “Do you want more?”

  1. Kim K Sousa says:

    Gino Stampora once said…”if you want more, you have to be more, and do more.” It is from the empowering guidance of industry leaders like you and Gino, that have guided me to learn more, and do more, so now I am more (in my own salon suite), and I own more (8 properties in N. CA). “Thank you” is just not enough.” hugs, Kim Sousa, owner of Perfect Salon, San Rafael CA.

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