Jules Purcell-Facey

Melbourne, Australia
17th July 2015

I approached Antony Whitaker 18 months ago after listening  to his  informative GROW series

His wisdom and his personal experience in the Hair industry had immediately caught my attention.

It’s rare to come across a standout and super efficient business mentor who GETS it!

A pivotal AHA! moment for Myself was when Antony had mentioned  “How being a salon owner can be a lonely place”, I knew then,  that I had found the exact mentor I needed in order to succeed in growing my business in today’s ever evolving industry.

Our relationship from there was filled with useful tools on, how to  identify and overcome the challenges within the business. forecasting future issue’s that may arise and how to negate them.

He always provides  me with personal experiences for examples on how to implement change, what procedures were missing that needed to be in place and kept me committed by tracking my progress.

For anyone who is thinking that they cannot afford mentoring, I say you really can’t afford not to!

Our hour discussions were on a collective whole an integral part of the growth in my business and I look forward to continuing our business relationship in the future

Thanks Antony it has been both incredibly thought provoking and inspiring experience, leaving me 100% motivated.

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