Episode 143

31 May 2022

My guest on today’s Podcast is London based hairdresser and owner of a 5 strong salon group and academy Gina Conway.

Originally from California, she has been based in London for the last 20 plus years and has built up a great reputation as one of London’s leading salons.

Gina is passionate about delivering a five-star level of service and is widely known not just for doing great hair but also for her total commitment to sustainably and the ethical side of hairdressing.

In the process, she has built up a considerable business and a reputation to match… and she’s just getting started.

In today’s episode we discuss:

  • Balancing the demands of life as the owner of 5 salons, a wife, a mother and finding time for everything else.
  • Sustainability in salons today.
  • Creating a team and culture where people want to come to work.
  • The customer service journey.
  • Growing a team and successful expansion.

And lot’s more!

In this Episode:

[03:30] Gina also has a fashion degree and became interested in entrepreneurship. 

[03:39] She moved to London 21 years ago and worked at John Frieda. 

[04:04] Gina wanted to bring California sunshine to London and create a team and culture where people would want to come to work. 

[05:08] Yes, it was love that brought Gina to London. One husband and three children later, and she’s still here!

[08:21] We talk about what the industry can learn from different areas. 

[10:02] Gina accomplishes so much. She is constantly innovating. She is so passionate about what she does, it doesn’t feel like work.

[12:57] Being in your zone is like meditation. The mindful hairdresser allows hairdressers to be in the flow and create mindful haircuts. It’s communication in a deep creative space for clients. 

[15:27] Gina has three salons in London. She collaborated with a friend to consolidate marketing and now all of the salons are called Gina Conway.

[16:47] They also have an apprenticeship program where they train about 20 hairdressing students. 

[17:19] She has a staff of around 100 people.

[19:17] Gina shares how John Frieda let her go when she talked about opening her own salon. Her new salon was empty, so she filled it with art. 

[20:56] Gina built her customer service reputation in the industry by giving every customer the platinum treatment.

[24:51] Gina and her partner want to franchise sustainable salons and help other entrepreneurs.

[26:28] Look at your products. Are they using sustainable materials? Look at plastics and bottles. Look at energy and recycling. Consider everything that you purchase. Reuse and refuse, if you can. Think holistically about everything including water use. 

[30:12] The green fee is included in the price of the haircuts. This is who we are and what we do. We also plant a tree for each client.

[34:28] Gina talks about the importance of having a strong culture and teaching the team the why and the values from the start.

[41:19] Generational changes include focusing on mental health and supporting students in making up for lost time. Stability, security, and finding a career path is also so important. 

[49:34] A good salon should be generating between 12% and 15% with a goal of 20% in retail. 

[56:42] Gina is constantly innovating and improving. She’s all about momentum.


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Special thanks to Gina for sharing her insights with me for this week’s episode. Until next time!


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