Episode 158

13 September 2022

A career in hairdressing can take you on a journey in all sorts of directions that you couldn’t possibly have imagined!

My guest on today’s podcast is hairstylist Wendy Iles, the founder of her signature product line and a true ‘Celebrity Hairdresser’ in every sense of the word.

In today’s episode, we will discuss:

  • Finding the balance between a successful career and life as a mother and wife.
  • What it takes to be a successful celebrity hairdresser.
  • The importance of strong foundation skills.
  • And lots more!

In this Episode:

[05:29] How Wendy defines a Celebrity Hairdresser and how she came to hold this title.

[10:36] The difference between being a magazine session stylist and a celebrity hairdresser.

[13:33] Wendy shares the story of her journey of learning to dress hair.

[19:06] How Wendy’s time spent living in France has influenced how she approaches her work.

[20:55] Comparing vogue aesthetics across the world.

[24:04] A big reason for the limited number of female hairdressers working as editorial and session stylists.

[28:52] The instrumental role of hairdressers in editorial shoots.

[32:01] Wendy shares the story of how she became president of a haircare company.

[38:29] Big changes taking place in the Iles Formula family business this year.

[40:48] What Wendy feels is her biggest achievement.

[45:16] Wendy’s thoughts on the evolution of the salon industry.

[49:01] Inspiration to step out of your comfort zone!

[50:40] The importance of nurturing connections.

[52:49] The biggest lesson that Wendy has learned throughout her illustrious career.


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Special thanks to Wendy for sharing her insights with me for this week’s episode.

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