Episode 075

Antony Whitaker - Business Booster

Podcast Length: 15 min | Date Published: 2nd February 2021

Hello and welcome to this episode of the Grow My Salon Business Podcast I’m your host Antony Whitaker and today I want to talk about the road that lies ahead of us. 

Now, I know that varies depending on where in the world you live and it’s a constantly changing scenario so I’ll leave it to you to decide what’s relevant and what maybe needs to be adapted to your particular circumstances…

I love these words, Recovery, Reignite, Reboot, Reinvent, Reimagine because I think that this is where we are at…

The lockdown experience has varied enormously from country to country and the support from governments has also varied enormously as they struggle to get things under control.

Inevitably, COVID and the subsequent lockdowns have destroyed many businesses and livelihoods in the process as salons everywhere struggle to survive financially. 

I have consciously tried to feature success stories on the podcast not to be disrespectful of those that are really hurting but to give us something positive to focus on too. I suppose it’s all about finding the right balance.

So to wrap this episode, the key messages I want to leave you with are…

  • Uncertainty breeds fear, so build some routine and certainty into your life. 
  • Learning gives you and your team a sense of growth and purpose, and that is more important now than ever.
  • Embrace technology, use ZOOM or Microsoft Teams or whatever platform to stay connected with people, it’s so important to engage and connect with others.
  • Look after your mental health and reach out to others to make sure they are okay too. These are difficult times for everyone, so be extra nice. 
  • Use this time of Recovery to Reignite, to Reboot, to Reinvent, to Reimagine what your business could be like on the other side …because as they say “this too shall pass”. 

Until next time keep safe, look after each other and look for – and focus on the positive!


In This Episode:

[00:32] Welcome to the show!

[00:40] Today I am talking to you about the road that is ahead of us.

[02:00] The lockdown experience has varied from country to country and industry to industry.

[04:42] Where we are now is hopefully the low point and we are gradually climbing out.

[06:44] As a salon owner you are by default a leader, so take this time to organize group learning.

[08:02] Are you using this time to prepare to be the best version of yourself?

[09:45] Physical exercise is important for our mental health.

[11:34] One thing I believe is critical is to look at other industries and see how they are doing things.

[13:03] I want to leave you with a few key messages.

[14:43] Thank you for listening!