Episode 035

Emiliano Vitale

Podcast Length: 62 mins | Date Published: 14th April 2020

Building your business around your values.

I think that the expression, “wears his heart on his sleeve” was invented for this man. He is passionate and driven about everything he does. He leads with an open heart, a sense of honesty, and generosity and humility that you don’t often come across.

I have known him for the best part of 30 years through good times and bad, and I always enjoy talking with him.

His name is Emiliano Vitale from e’Salon in Sydney and I spoke to him briefly on an earlier podcast where we discussed Coronavirus but today I really want to get him to talk about his business and the journey he’s had and the lessons he’s learnt along the way.

I know you will enjoy his passion and enthusiasm for life but there is also an awful lot of hard-earned business experience to benefit from as well.

In today’s podcast we will discuss:

  • The importance of building your business around your values.
  • Managing salon finances.
  • The importance of community.
  • The ‘thank you’ project.

In This Episode:

[02:40] Welcome to the show, Emiliano!

[03:52] Emiliano shares a little about his background.

[07:47] Emiliano tells us a story about buying flowers for all the businesses in his village.

[11:20] He says what he wanted to happen was to bring a little joy into their lives with the beginning of the Coronavirus in Australia.

[13:06] Emiliano says that the generosity that the people in his village showed was astounding.

[16:05] Antony speaks about values and how important it is for your values to define your culture.

[18:19] Emiliano chats about taking his team away for a weekend to define their values fourteen years ago.

[20:36] He speaks about knowing the values of Emiliano and how that reflects in the salon.

[22:29] Emiliano believes that with salons closed, people need to take this time to reimagine what they want their salons to be.

[25:49] How have your values changed over the years?

[27:20] Emiliano shares how everything shifted with the birth of his first daughter.

[30:03] He speaks about being a workaholic when he was younger, running from the man in the mirror.

[32:36] Emiliano says what is important to him is to know that he could have his salon closed for six months and still pay his staff a full salary and come back stronger.

[36:40] Emiliano shares the lessons he learned from closing a salon with a huge debt.

[38:22] Emiliano says you can only have a plan A and put all of your eggs in that basket.

[42:24] What are a few vital financial lessons that you tell people?

[45:15] Antony shares that salons need a financial buffer of three months, don’t live week to week.

[48:00] Emiliano says that the first 15% gets put away, and he runs his business on 85% of what he brings in.

[50:24] Emiliano speaks about what the ‘thank you’ project is.

[54:06] The attention of the ‘thank you’ project is connection.

[56:23] Emiliano has 140 plus individuals from 32 countries holding up signs that say thank you.

[59:04] If you want to participate, write thank you on a piece of paper and send a picture via Facebook message to Emiliano Vitale.

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[1:01:39] Thank you so much for being on the podcast today.

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