Episode 031

Fallene Wells

Podcast Length: 55 mins | Date Published: 17th March 2020

One Woman’s Vision For Using Her Salon Business As a Force For Good.

There is a big change afoot, and none of us can afford to ignore it. It is being driven by generational changes, different values, and a new way of thinking and working.

But most importantly, it is being driven by a sense of urgency about taking better care of our planet and the people in it.

Buzz words and phrases like; “socially and environmentally responsible, sustainable ingredients, environmental performance, balancing purpose and profit and creating inclusive economies,” are no longer just the language of a few, they are becoming the language of many.

My guest on today’s podcast is Fallene Wells, owner of the ‘Let Em Have It Salon,’ which is situated in Denver, Colorado, and is one of the only three B Corp salons in the world.

In today’s podcast, we will discuss:

  • What is a B Corp Business?
  • ‘Sustainability’ and hairdressing salons.
  • The impact that all of this has on salon business. From the salon culture and business model to the impact that it has on the local community and beyond.

In This Episode:

[01:47] Welcome to the show, Fallene!

[02:13] Fallene shares a little of her background.

[03:37] Fallene defines what a B Corp business is and why it is essential.

[05:04] Antony shares some facts about B Corp companies.

[05:28] What is the one unifying goal for B Corp businesses?

[06:01] Fallene speaks about some big names that are also B Corp businesses.

[08:51] Fallene shares the journey to becoming a B Corp salon.

[12:31] What is the annual cost to become a B Corp salon?

[14:54] Fallene discusses the benefits the salon has seen since becoming a B Corp business.

[17:21] Fallene describes what sustainability looks like in her salon daily.

[20:13] Do you charge a fee for the Green Circle Salon movement? 

[23:03] Fallene shares what the clothing swap is about and how they educate people on how to match pieces together to look professional.

[25:40] Fallene speaks about the transformation events they do at the salon.

[27:42] Fallene chats about a company they work with that is for single mothers to teach them skills.

[28:36] Business should be a force for good.

[30:16] Fallene discusses why they changed their business model from booth rental to a commission-based salon and then ultimately to a team-based salon.

[34:12] Fallene speaks about a boot camp for business owners she went to that changed her company outlook.

[37:47] As you rebuild your business, how is the new team-based culture working?

[42:01] What do young hairdressers today want? 

[43:52] Fallene shares the salons’ cancellation policy they have in place.

[46:39] Fallene chats about their retail business and the company they partner with for products.

[48:25] What percentage of your total sales is in retail? Does your team get a commission off what they sell?

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[53:29] Fallene, this has been a very inspiring conversation.

[54:32] Fallene, thank you so much for being on the podcast.

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