Management Seminar

The skills that make you a successful hairdresser have got nothing to do with the skills that will make you a successful business owner.

“My goal is to make salon businesses more successful, by engaging, educating and inspiring hairdressers everywhere to recognise that mastering the creative side of what we do is only the beginning, I want them to master the art of building successful businesses as well.”

If you are a salon owner and you’re serious about your business success, the ‘ Management Seminar’ is an essential part of your business education. Like it or not, your business is a reflection of you, and to grow your business you need to grow you.

In the ‘Management Seminar’ the focus is on you! Your vision, your leadership and your management skills.

Successful businesses start with strong foundations…

Holding most businesses back from reaching their full potential is a lack of clear objectives and a workable plan to turn those goals into reality.
The ‘Management Seminar’ is the beginning of developing a business and marketing action plan specifically for your business.

The key points covered during the day are:

  1. Setting clear objectives and developing workable strategies
  2. Getting clarity on you and your business
  3. Roles, goals and responsibilities, your ‘Organisation chart’
  4. Developing you as a leader and manager
  5. Defining your salon culture
  6. Defining your business vision
  7. Developing the Business Management systems you need to succeed
  8. Managing your facilities and work space
  9. Managing your time effectively

Who Should attend?

The ‘Management Seminar’ is a full day seminar [9.00am – 5pm] specifically for salon owners and managers who are serious about developing the business of their dreams and are prepared to do the work to make it happen.

The outcome you should expect

The outcome you should expect from the day is to have a very clear understanding of what you want to achieve and how to go about achieving it.


You will have developed the foundations and started on the blueprint to turn your goals into realistic workable strategies.

You will finish the day with a plan, inspired and motivated, ready to take your business and your life forward.


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