Grow My Colour Business Seminar



The ‘Grow My Colour Business’ seminar looks at the opportunities and challenges of todays ever changing hair colour market.

The ongoing changes in technology and consumer expectation affect both salon owners and clients everywhere.

Understanding the business side of colour as well as the needs and expectations of your target market and being able to deliver a bespoke experience is more essential than ever. This is a brilliant seminar that will help build your existing colour business.


1. Who is your real competition?
The hair colour market is more competitive than ever, understanding where your competition is really coming from is essential in order to maximise your point of difference.

2. Emerging business trends
With ever changing technology and consumer expectations the way we do business is constantly evolving. What are the opportunities for your business?

3. Identifying your target Market
Understanding the needs and expectations of your target market is more important than ever so that you can tailor bespoke services specific to their needs.

4. Your product offering
Selecting the product range that fulfils the technical and creative needs of clients, colourists and meets the businesses objectives.

5. Your marketing approach
The steps to attract more colour clients, turn them into regulars and keep them as long as possible.

6. Training your team
In todays highly competitive market having a well trained team is your greatest asset.


Who should attend?

The ‘Grow My colour Business seminar’ is aimed at salon owners, managers and hair colourists.


The outcome you should expect

The outcome you should expect is an increase in self-motivation from your team members and a greater awareness of how they are responsible for delivering the ultimate in-salon colour experience to every client which will contribute to a healthier bottom-line for the business.

“To be a good colourist you need to understand the business of colour, this is an essential seminar for colourists everywhere!”

Lesley Jennison Global Colour Ambassador Schwarzkopf Professional

“Clarity! A great section on the global colour business trends I loved the mixture of videos used in the presentation. A great day!”

Carolyn Newman London, United Kingdom

“I have been to Antony seminars before and he is always truly inspirational and passionate giving excellent education to take forward to use in my business. There is always something new that we can grow from.”

Sara Barlow Sheffield, United Kingdom

“Excellent! As always motivational. Priceless!”

Dylan Brittain Rainbow Room Glasgow, United Kingdom

“Very passionate and well informed. Encourages you to rethink and look at things in more depth.”

Philip Bell Scotland, United Kingdom

Grow My Salon Business