This is not an email about coaching. It’s an email about what some people manage to achieve and makes you wonder why others in the same city or town can’t even come close.

Occasionally I send out an email to my database letting people know I have a couple of coaching spots available, the email is inviting anyone interested in contacting me to discuss if I could help them in a coaching capacity. I don’t take everybody because coaching isn’t for everyone…

Anyway, last year I got this reply from a young lady in the US… I will keep her name and the city private but it’s not a big city… Anyway, this is exactly what she wrote…

“I know my all my numbers (rebooking (99%) productivity(100%], $ per hour ($285), retail to service ratio (18%] gratuity to service ratio (18%) and I work with 4 assistants and am booked a year in advance with a wait list that I keep 20 people on and refer away all business to my lead assistants who are independent booth renters in a salon I do not own. I have a 500 square foot salon attached to my home. I am also at a price that is $40-60 more than platform artists & educators that live in my area (Nevada). Should I be content where I am or will coaching help me?

In another email, she told me: “I have designed my life so I only work 15-18 hours a week but bring in $4500-5500 in that weeks time.

Could Coaching Help?

First of all, I thought her email was a joke then I checked out her website and all the amazing testimonials…It wasn’t a joke and so I arranged to phone her.

She asked if coaching could help. My answer was, “Well that all depends, are you achieving what you want or do you have bigger dreams? If you have bigger dreams and don’t know how to get there then coaching might help… But being booked a year ahead with 99% rebooking etc is impressive stuff.”

She didn’t want a bigger salon or more staff, she is working on other projects and so we didn’t pursue coaching.

What’s the lesson?

Well, I suppose there are a number of lessons.

For me, the first lesson is that she is a great example of ‘just because you think that something’s not possible doesn’t mean it is’.

Secondly, here is this very successful young lady who is always looking for mentors and coaches to help her get better still. She recognises that education is a never ending journey.

Thirdly, she knows her numbers and can reel off figures and statistics about her productivity. She know’s that understanding the numbers is essential.

For me, the fourth lesson is that she has a wonderfully balanced life!

By the way, did I mention she owns her own home mortgage free and is under the age of 30!

She is bringing in approximately quarter of a million dollars a year and only working 15-18 hours a week. I can’t think of many jobs where you can do that.

So why do so many other hairdressers struggle to produce a fraction of what she does? That’s the million dollar question! Perhaps the answer at least partially is in those four points above… you should read them one more time.

Thank you for watching…

Now I know I said that this wasn’t about 1-1 coaching but if that is something that interest you find out more about it here:

Have a great week!

“Why do some hairdressers manage to achieve amazing off the wall results when other people in the same salon or town can’t even get close?”

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