Scrolling through Facebook recently I came across a clip from American Idol. No matter how good they are there is only so many times you can watch another Whitney Houston wannabe…

But, something made me stop and watch, and I’m glad I did because it was brilliant.

It was a 29-year-old lady by the name of ‘Mandy Harvey’, who had been deaf since she was 18.

Mandy had been a singer since she was 4, but when she lost her hearing through an illness she gave up singing.

Never give up…

Eventually, she realised that she didn’t want to live a life where she just ‘gave up’ and so she chose to get back into her singing by using visual tuners to help her pitch and to use the sound vibrations through the floor to pick up the beat.

And then on ‘American Idol’ she stood on the stage in front of thousands of people around the world and sang a song she had written herself.

The fact that it was posted and reposted on Facebook is because it’s such a powerful testament to the power of never giving up.

What will you choose?

We all get to choose what we do and don’t do.

You can choose to continue doing the things you’re doing that aren’t currently working out for you. Or you can choose to change.

Mandy Harvey gave up on her dreams and then chose to fight back.

My favourite line in the song is “…the only thing in my way is me…

The easy path is the path of least resistance. Sticking with what you’re doing right now is usually the easiest decision.

But it’s not always the right path.

Everyone has a story that complicates the choices they make, I understand that it’s not always easy and that like all of us there are complications that make it difficult.

But for some reading this – and you know who you are – it could be the nudge you need to make different choices and choose a different path.

If you want to watch the clip with this incredible lady, click here.

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Have a great week!

2 responses to “You always have a choice!”

  1. Kylie Dwyer says:

    Brilliant as usual, Antony you truly are someone that our industry needs.

    • Antony Whitaker says:

      Thank’s Kylie, it’s alway good to hear from you and the feedbacks always appreciated. Keep fighting the good fight!

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