Why did you buy it?

I read this great blog the other day and it was called something like “Why did you buy the last three new things you bought?” By Drayton Bird

Then it went on to list the answers that people most frequently give such as, “A TV commercial or a press ad, an email or ads on the internet or social media. All of which were statistically proven wrong!”

The article went on to quote all these statistics that proved that the ‘number one’ reason that people buy something new is word of mouth!

In other words, somebody they knew suggested it!

The blog was based on some research by a company called ‘Nielsen’ who are a global information, data, and measurement company and in a survey of 30,000 people in 60 countries the research showed that the reasons why they bought the last three things were:

  • 81% of people said recommendations from friends
    58% said recommendations from people they didn’t know – For example, reviews published on-line
    56% said TV ads
    Only 34% said social media

Word of mouth

So think about that in the context of hairdressing, I have always said that 70% of new clients that come into a salon are from word of mouth! In other words, somebody they knew suggested it!

So the question becomes, “How do you or how could you capitalize on word of mouth?

I always tell hairdressers to ask for referrals! All you need to say is something as simple as… “If you have any friends or family that need their haircut tell them to come and see me I’d love to look after them for you!”
You might need to tweak the wording so that it sounds natural and believable, but it’s not that hard to do. The problem is that most people ‘listening to’, or

‘reading’ this will never do it and then wonder why they aren’t as busy as they could be.

Obviously, you need to do great haircuts and colours because that invites conversation and for people to ask, “Where do you get your hair done?”

But take it the next level and develop a strategy and training program for your team to capitalise on getting clients to actively refer them by making sure that not only do they do great work but that they consistently deliver a positive customer experience and a high standard of service, because good third party endorsement is your BEST promotional tool.

And the NEGATIVE stories will totally undo everything you have spent on marketing to date!


4 responses to “Why did you buy it?”

  1. Richard Robinson says:

    Hi Anthony,

    I have followed your information now for some time and believe your video clips are fantastically informative and attention grabbing.
    We have a salon of 13 staff which is progressing nicely and we have variations of ideas of what you broadcast which when applied work very well. I would love to have you visit our salon to drive us fully in the right direction. Could you please let me know what the investment on our behalf would be?

  2. Melora Lewis says:

    Do you have a more detailed referral education program, or rather a step by step guide? I am not certain of what does and does not work.

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