Hairdressing is part of the service industry. Part of what we do is serve others, nothing wrong with that, hairdressing is a very honourable trade and can be very rewarding and a lot of fun in the process.

I’m sure, that like me you too have built up some great professional relationships with your clients over the years, relationships based on genuine friendships and professional respect for your skill as a hairdresser.

I’m also sure that it’s not just me that occasionally has had a client that tested your patience and professionalism to breaking point.

I was usually up for the challenge of turning someone around, you know the ones, those clients that no one else wants to see because they are never happy. I used to see them as a test of both my technical and people skills, and I think I had a good strike rate at making them happy.

I worked behind the chair with clients for many years and as well as having many amazing clients, there was occasionally a client ‘sent by a higher power’ to teach me something.

Sometimes a client is having a bad day, they’re only human and you or someone on your team may get ‘snapped at’ or even occasionally spoken to rudely, it doesn't happen often and sometimes the client may even apologise.

Crossing the line…

But, very occasionally a client might ‘cross the line’ and you reach a point where you don't have to ‘suck it up’.

I had a client who was rude to my team, she was never rude to me but the way she spoke to my team often left a lot to be desired. On one particular day she ‘crossed the line’, so I told her that she was no longer welcome in the salon.

It’s important for you and your team to always treat clients with professional courtesy and respect, but if a client doesn't treat you and your team with respect and dignity then you need to tell them that they are no longer welcome in the salon.

Your team need to see that you will support them and show some solidarity, that you respect them and won't stand by and see them mistreated or belittled. They will respect you for it and feel proud about what they do.

We are part of the service industry but everyone should be treated with dignity and professional courtesy.

Have a great week!

2 responses to “When is it time to fire your client?”

  1. Julia Provost says:

    Love this one! Yes it is important to always treat others with respect. It is also important to not except less from them. Life is short and being mistreated by a guest is not acceptable.

    As the saying goes, “what your permit you promote.”

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