“Great haircut, where did you get it done?”

I was in my local Apple store recently and one of the lads there had a great haircut, so being in client mode I did what people do and said to him, “Great haircut, where did you get it done?”

He was absolutely chuffed that I had commented on it and told me of the barber he had visited recently, he even got his phone out and got the barbers web page up to give me the phone number, address details and told me who to ask for… Aren’t your clients amazing, look at what they’re prepared to do!

Easy peasy…

The only downside was that the barbers was an hour away from where I live, but plenty of people will travel an hour for a good haircut, so when I got home I got online and booked my appointment.

I hadn’t been there before so I had to register first for online booking which was easy enough and when I had done that I was able to select an appointment for 1pm on Saturday.

Then it changed…

On the Saturday I drove an hour to get there parked the car and arrived in the barbers 15 minutes early for my haircut.  

It was only a small shop probably 6 chairs and they were busy. One of the barbers was with a client but he asked my name,  “I’m Antony” I said, “I have a 1 o’clock appointment”. He studied his screen and said, “We haven’t got anyone called Antony booked in. I assured him that I had booked online for a 1 o’clock appointment. He asked me if I had the confirmation email and I didn’t, He said “If only you had the email I could find out what’s happened”.

So now it’s all my fault. I’d driven an hour there, now I will have to drive an hour back and still not had my haircut. The couldn’t care less ‘it’s not my fault attitude’ didn’t help so I walked out.

I’m sure these things happen to me just so I have something to write about.  

When things go wrong what’s your plan ‘B’?

Had I made a mistake, had I not completed the online registration properly, had I not completed the booking process properly, had I booked it on another day?

I don’t know is the real answer. It could have been my mistake.

But that is not the point. In me he had a new client! He hadn’t had to spend a penny to get me there, and for all he knew I could have become a client 12 times a year for the next 10 years, I could have bought product every visit, I could have referred others to him, just like I was referred to him. But instead I walk off mumbling underway breath, “Don’t worry I won’t be back”.

There was no offer of a later appointment, no apology, no offer of another barber or even another day. All he said was “sorry mate there’s no one called Antony booked in” and as I walked away he called out “Cheers mate!” That was his plan B, as if it was meant to build up some sense of camaraderie.

And what makes it worse is he was the owner!

So what’s your ‘plan B’? Because things will go wrong, and they do for all sorts of reasons. It’s not really about whose fault is it, there’s nothing to be gained blaming me or me blaming him.

How can you turn it around, how can you go into damage control, how can you make me happy I am wanting to spend my money with you! So have a plan B!… Because anythings gotta be better than “Cheers mate!”

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4 responses to “What’s your plan ‘B’?”

  1. Heather Carl says:

    More importantly, this example is about not being kind, civil, couretous, or helpful. Don’t just get a Plan B, instead remind yourself that these personality traits matter. Plan B ideas, in these cases, will then come more naturally.

  2. Maria Kama says:

    Thank you for sharing your experience mr Antony – it’s good to find out a way to be not nice but professional. Respectful and just set your self in others shoes. There are outside thousands of tones good barbers or stylists the issue is what make us different what get us out of the box. Thanks once again
    Maria Kama

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