I’m often asked something along the lines of “What is it that sets the most successful salon owners, or stylist’s, or assistants apart from the not so successful?” Here’s my top 3.

1. Relationships

I don’t believe there is just one thing …but if there was it would surely be ‘Relationships’. Great leaders, managers, stylists or assistants have great relationships with the people they come into contact and engage with.

We are all in relationships of some sort or other, some with staff, or children or parents, or siblings or colleagues or our partners etc Some of those relationships will be good others might be strained, so what are the characteristics of a good relationship?

Honesty, fun, forgiveness, communication, loyalty, authentic, trustworthy, listening, tolerance, respect… we could go on.

If you have relationships built on those qualities in a salon whether you’re the owner a stylist or assistant everyone is going to be more successful and happier.


2. Execution

I meet so many people who know what to do, they attend all the seminars and read all the books but where they fall down is in the ‘execution’ or more likely the lack of it.

It’s one thing to know ‘what to do’ but it’s another thing to do what you know.

Most people who are successful don’t have any advantage over the others except that they have the ability, the determination to execute what they know.

And finally…

3. Endurance

Success is not a sprint, it’s a marathon, meaning that it’s not about being a ‘one hit’ wonder, it’s not about having a good week or a good month or even a good year.

Real success is about not just surviving but growing through the tough times [because there will be plenty of them] and consistently getting better at whatever you do.

Endurance means that you are always learning, always looking for distinctions as to how to do it better!

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  1. Spot on short sweet and so true

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