The iPhone is about to have it’s 10th birthday, the ‘Global Financial Crisis’ of 2007 is now 10 years ago, but still impacting on economies everywhere. Facebook is only 13 years old, youtube is 12 years old, Twitter is 11 years old, Instagram is 7 years old and SnapChat is 6 years old.

So how have those events and new technologies changed the world for you and I as salon owners, what is the new normal for us?


Despite the constant upgrading of kit and having to constantly learn new ways of working, technology is exciting for most of us. Constant changes and upgrades in technology are the tools that are changing how we as consumers are evolving from followers to leaders. 

Smart phones

Smart phones, and all the apps and services they provide, have given consumers all the power and we now have greater control over everything from how we research and shop, to how we ‘pay for’ and ‘review’ the products and services we use.

Even 10 years ago the things we take for granted today didn’t exist. It’s the smartphone that is the disruptor that is changing how we do business.

I’d sum up the effect that these changes are having on our businesses with 3 Key words ‘Connected, Community and Convenience’

Be Connected and build a community

In todays fast moving world we need to be connected with our target market. The various channels of social media allow you to create a presence in the lives of our audience not just while they are in the salon but to keep the relationship going in-between visits, and if you don’t then your competition will.

Being connected so that you can build and engage with community of followers is essential.

Be Convenient…

The days of 9-5 and 5 days a week are a distant memory. As consumers we expect convenience, whether it’s the Uber on demand or the 24/7 ability to shop on line. Your clients today expect your opening hours, your online booking, your payment methods and e-commerce website to be convenient for them.

The new workforce expect flexibility about when and how they learn and work. As salon owners be prepared to investigate the different business models and working styles because they are not going away.

Today more than ever we as consumers demand convenience, simplicity and speed and the technology makes it all possible.

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