What will matter the most?

Think about it…when you look back at the end of your career what will have really mattered?

Sure, money is important. Success is important, having fun is important, health and vitality are important. Having made a difference is important, security is important, and giving back is important…

But, what really matters?

Five words… ‘The quality of your relationships.’

The most important thing, the thing that really matters, real wealth, real success, is to be found in the quality of your relationships.

The majority of life’s satisfaction comes from meaningful relationships.

Not just with your life partners and family, but with everyone in your life including those that we work with, share our dreams and ambitions with and build our career and business with.    

So the question is. “If the relationships in your life are the most important thing, what are you doing to make them all they can be?”

Although personal and professional relationships are different, they have more in common than what sets them apart. But for this example, let’s focus on the professional relationships within your team rather than your personal relationships.

Real commitment is needed for great relationships…

Every relationship has challenges and on any team, there will be many, but, as the saying goes, “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.”

When a relationship isn’t working it’s often the level of commitment that you have to it that will be one of the determining factors as to if it will survive and get stronger or breaks down. That level of commitment isn’t easy, sometimes we pretend and think it will get better in time, it usually gets worse.

Sometimes it will be challenging…

Sometimes It will be emotional, confronting, awkward even ugly, but as one person in the relationship, it’s only by confronting the issues that you move forward.

We all have had instances with parents, children, partners, husbands, wives, sisters, brothers, etc where because we really value the relationship you ‘start again’ and it starts again with a real conversation.

It’s the same with your team. It’s not always easy, but the seeds of new growth in a relationship are planted by real conversations.

Real conversations are the ultimate commitment to a relationship.

Real conversations are the building blocks of relationships.

Real conversations are often the ones that you are most afraid to have.

‘The real conversations that are required to sustain a relationship are easily recognised, they are the ones that keep getting put off for another day.’

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