There is an expression in business that ‘what gets measured gets managed’.

In hairdressing terms, that relates specifically to measuring the productivity of the individual stylists so that based on the figures they currently achieve, together you can set realistic goals for the future.

What should you measure?

The things that you measure are called ‘Key Performance Indicators’ or K.P.I.’s for short, and the ones you choose to focus on will depend on the type of salon you have and the services you offer. But the obvious ones to measure and monitor are:

  • Total Service revenue
  • Total Retail revenue
  • Total Client count

Then depending on the type of salon you have and the services you offer you might also want to measure:

  • The percentage of clients that rebook
  • The retention rates
  • The percentage of clients that have colour
  • And the average client bill

Don’t overdo it!

When talking with your team don’t focus on too many things at once because it becomes information overload, and then achieves the opposite effect to what you want. My suggestion is that you focus on no more than five KPI’s at any one time.

Depending on the salon point of sale computer system that you have, getting the information should be as simple as printing out a report for whatever the time frame you require.

The reason you measure K.P.I.’s on a daily, weekly or monthly basis is so that you can set realistic goals together.

I believe that people should have constant access to their results on a daily basis so that they can see how they are performing against the goals that they set.

I also think that unless there is a problem, goals should be set once a month, ideally at the beginning or end of the month. By doing it that way you can review the performance over the previous month and set goals for the coming month.

Who is goals are they?

I think that it’s important that the goals that are set are the stylist’s goals, not the manager’s goals. For example, if I was having a monthly target meeting with someone I would say something like, “Last month you had 55% of your clients rebook, what do you think that your goal should be for this month?”

If the stylist sets the goal they own it, and if they own it, they are more likely to achieve it!

Target meetings

I call the monthly goal setting a ‘Target meeting’ and the sole purpose of the target meeting is to review the past month’s performance and set the next months targets, this shouldn’t take more than 5-10 minutes maximum.

Unless someone is dramatically underperforming the target meeting shouldn’t be a negative experience, in fact, it should very much be a positive experience where you also acknowledge every improvement. Remember positive behaviour that gets reinforced gets repeated.

If you want some help with goal setting and how to implement target meetings and manage your team’s performance perhaps 1-1 coaching could be helpful. If that’s something that interests you email me at and we can set up a complimentary 15 minute phone call to see if coaching could work for you.

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