What does it mean to you?

I’ve been talking about change a lot lately… maybe more than usual.

Maybe it’s because the older you get the more references you have for ‘what it used to be like’ and so you become aware of how much things have changed and continue to. Or maybe it’s because we are living in times where the rate of change is dramatically speeding up. I think it’s probably a mixture of the two things.

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t want change in some area of their lives, whether it’s a change in a relationship, a change in their health a change in their level of fitness. Or professional changes about what they do, or about the results they get which then impacts on a change in their income. 

The challenge is often that although you want a change in circumstances, you don’t want to make the changes that you need to in order to get the result that you want.

So for example, you want to get fit but you aren’t prepared to change your diet or start an exercise routine.

Or you want to earn more money but you don’t want to up-sell services or talk about retail, or rebooking, or suggest colour options for your clients. You just want more money without having to do anything to make it happen except express the need to have more money.    

If you want to get something different… you have to do something different.

Some people see ‘change’ as exciting, they see change as a positive, an opportunity, a chance to grow, to learn, to have more, be more and do more.

Other people see change as terrifying, unsettling, losing control. They see change as something being taken away from them, as loss and they assume that they will be worse off.

In the hairdressing industry there are a lot of changes happening, from changes in technology, changes in product, changes in the salon business model, changes in how we learn, and changes in how we are marketing selling and distributing our products and services.

We can’t stop change, we can’t always control it, some of it we won’t like, some of it isn’t fair, some of it will present great opportunities for us, and make our lives so much easier, whilst other changes will potentially make what we are doing and how we are doing it redundant.

So how should you handle change?

Well I think that regardless of what the change is you should always look for the upside, you should try and be positive about it, you should embrace it, you should anticipate it and you should always be looking for ways to make change work for you, because only one thing is for sure, ‘it’s not going to stop’.

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