What did YOU learn from it?

If you have access to formal structured education in any topic it can be a great way to learn…

But for a whole range of reasons, from a lack of financial resources to maybe just not being someone who learns best in a classroom or theoretical environment not everyone gets or has the opportunity for that type of education and in reality, there are other ways to learn most things. 

I love watching certain sports, and at the end of the match, the sports broadcasters usually talk to the captains of both teams and the captain of the losing team usually says something along the lines of, “We will have learnt a lot from today’s game and we will take that forward with us into the next match” And hopefully they do.

Learning from experience…

That’s a good example of what we should all do and that is ‘learn from experience’ and take that learning forward with us.

So whether you are a salon owner or a stylist, not everything you do turns out the way you expected. Whether it’s a new employee that hasn’t worked out, or a marketing promotion that hasn’t worked the way you wanted, or a personal falling out with a colleague. The question is, “What did YOU learn from it and will you take that learning forward with you, or will you keep repeating the same mistake?” 

Be objective and reflective…

You have to be objective and reflective about what went wrong, and the important thing is to ask yourself “What or how could you have done or behaved differently?”

If it involves other people I am sure that they bear some responsibility for whatever the situation is but the important message I want to emphasise is that you need to accept some responsibility for the situation too.

Accept some of the blame

It’s very easy to blame everyone else, make excuses or deny that any of it was your fault. But if you want to move forward just like the captain of the losing sports team you have to ask yourself, “What have you learnt from the result that you will take forward with you to the next match” 

Because in case you haven’t figured it out yet, if you haven’t learnt something and aren’t prepared to take some of the responsibility for the result then the same thing will happen again.

So, what are two things that you have done in the last six months that didn’t work out the way you expected, what did you learn from it and how would you do it differently next time?

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  1. William Alberto says:

    Although I may not be an owner or manager I am an educato,colorist/stylist.I find your 2 minute videos to be so helpful and to the point.i feel any owner,stylist,educator can really grow from your insight.i believe this holiday season I may purchase your collection of books as I think any of those topics would be invaluable.Thank You.

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