What are hairdressers really like?

I was asked that question once as part of an evaluation on how best to communicate with hairdressers from a marketing perspective.

I went on and on about how hairdressers are people’s people, they’re fun, bright, happy, articulate, resourceful, creative, passionate, good communicators… 

But then I reflected on it and realised that hairdressers as a group of people aren’t like that any more than any other group of people, maybe 20% of the people on your team or in our industry are.

You see, like any industry, no matter what country you live in – you will have some amazing multi talented committed people with all the above attributes and more. But we also have our fair share of ‘dead wood’ which is probably another 20% at the bottom of the pile who are unmotivated uninspired lethargic and just going through the motions.

As a manager dealing with that bottom 20% will take up most of your time and  energy and in all probability they will never change no matter what you do.

But then there’s the ‘un-decided’…

The undecided are the 60% in the middle of our workforce or on your team, who in political terms are called the ‘swinging voter’. They are the un-decided who have the ability to go one way or the other which is just like the 60% of people in our industry who can also go one way or the other. They could become highly productive, passionate and inspired or they could just as easily become un-motivated, totally un-inspired, lazy and lethargic.

So we have this 20% at the top and another 20% at the bottom and then the 60% in the middle. Which group is poorly paid, miserable and totally disillusioned about the hairdressing industry, the salon they work in and their career?

And which group do you think are the most fulfilled? Which group are paid the most? Which group are the happiest in their jobs and their lives, have the most opportunities and more rewarding relationships and brighter futures?

Obviously it’s the 20% at the top of our industry or any industry, on your team or someone else's team who are the ones that are fulfilling their potential and leading a better life because of it.

What does it take to be in that top 20%?…

Well, it is not just about having the technical and creative skills, but that’s a good start.

If you work for someone else it starts with having the right ATTITUDE and attitude is about the choices you make everyday and about how you decide to perceive the opportunities and the world around you.

Leadership and Attitude

Determines what the 60% in the middle will gravitate towards. If you are the owner or manager your role is to be a leader, to coach and lead the 60% to the top of the pile by instilling and nurturing the right attitude in them.

Make the right choices…

Take ownership of your attitude and your life. If you are not already in the top 20%, it’s a mindset, make the decision that that is where you belong. Once you have made the decision you’re on the way there. Now live up to it.

Thank you for watching…

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