I love salon owners, I really do… Well maybe not all of them, but certainly most of them.

The salon owners I meet are mostly hard working, honest, loyal people that have loads of integrity and treat their team as if they were family and that’s part of the problem because they’re not your family, they’re your team!

I often meet salon owners who tell me horror stories with absolute disbelief and frustration about their team members who have disappointed and let them down in their hour of need.

When it’s your family, you will and should put up with all sorts of disappointments, and more often than not you ‘forgive and forget’ and move on because they’re your family, and they probably do the same for you.

But a team is a different dynamic…

If a football or basketball player on a team doesn’t perform they’re dropped from the team, or at least put on the bench because their poor performance affects the team. It’s not personal, it’s professional.

With a team you have to earn your place on the team, and you have to keep on earning it. With a team you have to work together as a unit, you have to help and support each other, and you have to perform and deliver results. And when and if you don’t deliver results you will be dropped from the team.

Your Team

The people who work for you are your team, and as such they need to perform, they need to deliver results and although you might build up strong personal relationships with them you need to remember that it’s a professional relationship.

I often say to hairdressers that, “Your clients are not your friends, you might be friendly to them, and they might be friendly to you but the relationship is professional, and if you give them a bad haircut or poor service they are very unforgiving because the ‘result’ was more important than the relationship.”

Well it’s the same with the relationship between you and your team, ‘you’re friendly to them and they will be friendly to you’, but when it suit’s them they will leave if it’s what they perceive is best for them, often with little thought to the situation you might be left in.

I’m not necessarily even being critical of them, after all at some stage all of us left someone else to open our own salon, and maybe you too left someone to do your own thing without any thought to the timing or effect it would have on them.

You’re the coach!

Like every team there is a coach! If you are the owner of the salon that’s you, your job is to be the coach. You will invest time and money into the team because you recognise that ‘their success is your success’.

As the coach you will be integral in building them into what they are capable of becoming, you will give them feedback on how they are performing and you hold them accountable for their results.

They won’t always like it, but it’s your job to get the best out of them and that includes giving feedback and sometimes telling hard truths. That’s what the best coaches do, and it’s what the best teams understand they need. It’s not personal, it’s professional.

Feel free to leave a comment below and if building a team is important to you I wrote a book called ‘GROW 3 Team’ you can get it here…

GROW 3 - Team

Thank you for watching…

Thanks to Ashley Gosack from salon 427 – Springhill – Florida who was inspiration for this newsletter.

4 responses to “They’re your team, not your family!”

  1. Absolutely on the money! Every salon owner should be able to relate to this subject as we have all fallen fowl to thinking team members are are friends and in turn felt let down. Great content and delivery as usual Antony , Many thanks x

    • Whitaker Antony says:

      Thank’s Scott, it’s good to get the feedback of such a seasoned salon owner! As always it’s about having the experience to find the right balance with team relationships.

  2. Pam says:

    Enjoyed this – using to build sales team as a distributor in the beauty industry . Thank you!

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