I believe most people want to do a good job, but often they don’t know what it is that they are meant to be doing, so they just get on with it and do what they did where they worked before or what is easiest for them. Inevitably that will eventually cause problems if the standards they work to are not the same as the standards that you have.

Set it up at the start!

It’s during ‘week 1 for every employee that they are at their most receptive to adapting to your way of doing things.

If you are the owner or manager it’s during that initial few days or weeks that you need to make sure that every employee gets a proper induction into the processes and standards you have and the way that you expect things done.

That way you are giving a new employee a sense of understanding and clarity about the way the salon runs and most people will respond well to that.

Friday feedback…

During the induction process, I used to say to new team members that for the next three months I would give them feedback every Friday about how they were progressing. So every Friday they were expecting me to take five or ten minutes and let them know what they were doing well and any areas that they needed to improve on.

Setting it up like that meant that they didn’t feel attacked when I let them know what I wasn’t happy with, and likewise I wasn’t laying awake at night dreading having to talk to them about some issue.

The most important thing is that you don’t just tell them what they are not doing well, you need to tell them at least as much about the things that they are doing well. Remember, positive behaviour that gets reinforced gets repeated.

I work with a lot of salon owners all over the world in a coaching capacity if you think that that is something that might be of interest to you check out the coaching tab on my or email me at and we can have a chat about how coaching might work for you.

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