The biggest problem with your business is…

We all have people we admire in business, one person I hold in enormously high regard is ‘Michael Gerber’ author of that famous 80’s business book ‘The E Myth’.

Gerber has just celebrated his 80th birthday but he still writes and presents seminars to audiences all over the world. I first saw him speak in the late 1980’s and have seen him several times since and he gets even better with age.

It’s All Your Fault!

I attended a couple of seminars with him last year and in one of them he walked on stage and said to the audience “The biggest problem with your business is you!”

That’s pretty provocative stuff to some people but then he went on to say…

“The biggest single problem with every company is the person who owns it. And until you accept that and your need to blame everything and everyone else, nothing will change.”

Now, as much as it really annoys the audience, most people know that ultimately it’s true.

I will add a bit of me onto the end of what he says and that is that, “Yes you are the problem but you are also the solution!”

Your business is a reflection of you!

So first of all congratulate yourself, because whatever stage your business is at, at least you have done what many people only dream about, ‘You opened your own business, you made it happen and I am sure that it wasn’t easy!

As the owner of a salon, your business is a reflection of who and where you are at this point on your journey, both ‘the good the bad and the darn right ugly’. And in order for it to change, first of all you need to change because if ‘YOU’ don’t change and grow, your BUSINESS never will!

I have written 4 books, I think my best book is ‘GROW 2 Management’ but it’s also the one that has sold the least copies. I think that that is because it’s about ‘you’ the manager and what ‘you’ need to do! What ‘you’ need to change.

But most owners and managers blame everyone and everything else as the problem, but change starts with you!

I’m Not the Problem!

Often owners and managers say to me, “Look Antony ‘I’m not the problem it’s them! If only they were like me! I don’t need a seminar, coaching, or a book, fix them they’re the problem!”

Look, if your people aren’t motivated or productive, ultimately it’s because YOU are yet to learn something about people management, recruitment, training, or how to motivate and lead your people!

If your business isn’t getting enough new clients, ultimately it’s because YOU are yet to learn something about the positioning of your brand, promotions, how to deliver a great client experience, and marketing.

If your business is chaos, it’s because YOU are yet to learn something about organisational skills, developing systems, time management and delegation.

And if your business has a problem with money, once again ultimately it’s because YOU are yet to learn something about pricing or cash flow management or budgets or setting targets or coaching your team or financial control.

As Michael Gerber says “The biggest single problem with every company is the person who owns it. And until you accept that and your need to blame everything and everyone else, nothing will change.”

If I can help you with books check out the store on the link below. If you haven’t already got it, ‘GROW 2 Management’ might be a good place to start.

And if you’re interested in either 1-1 coaching or seminars for yourself or your team email me at


8 responses to “The biggest problem with your business is….”

  1. Melora Lewis says:

    It can be tough to look in the mirror, I mean really deeply look and realize, yes, I need to change, what I am doing isn’t working, time to get a different perspective.

    Thank you for taking the time to make the videos. I enjoy watching and learning from them.


    • Thank’s for your comment Melora, there is a great quote I read once that said “For things to change, first I must change” and truer words I know not! I’m glad to hear you are enjoying the weekly ‘Two Minute salon Manager’ videos.
      Kind regards

  2. Enrico Compierchio says:

    Hi thank you for your video ,
    it has been 29 years in septembre this year that i have my salon business it has changed location ,staff ,names and even ownership shares but one thing that still remains the same is me . I am a part of it and i keep on bringing who i am whoever i go and with whoever i speak in and about my business.
    The one thing that i am most fed up off is exactly what you said ‘ME”
    i have tried different strategies and seeked both personel and professional help but still seem to have a hard time just saying what i want and need for my business in a clear organized manner exempt of fluctuating emotions!
    For what it is worth it is helpful to write this out knowing that you will read it .

    • Hi Enrico,
      Congratulations 29 years is a great achievement!
      Thanks for taking the time to let me know your experiences. I understand your comment about “It’s helpful writing it…” I find that as soon as I start to commit something to paper it gives me more clarity… It doesn’t matter if you continue to change and evolve what you have written, in fact I think that that is part of the journey!
      It’s great that you are still watching videos, reading stuff etc because that is what evolves your perspective. Here’s to the next 29 years! 🙂

  3. Spot on! The e-myth has been pivotal in getting me off the floor and working on my business – I think they should post that book out to you when you apply for your business IRD (tax) number!! I LOVE your grow management book and still paw through its worn pages for advice on how to or what to do – thanks so much!! 🙂

    • Hey Kelly, thanks for taking the time to offer your feedback and I am glad to see you are getting use out of my GROW 2 Management book. I agree with your comment about E-Myth should be compulsory reading for anyone intending on opening a business!Keep in touch.
      Kind regards


  4. Linton Husbands says:

    Hi Antony,
    Your latest 2-minute manager video on “the biggest problem with your business is you”, is very sobering and thought provoking. The first stage is accepting this for good and or bad, and if one doesn’t like what one sees in the mirror, then change the picture not the mirror, becuase as well as the business numbers don’t lie, neither does its picture – I’m staring hard at mine right now!
    Thanks as always for these nuggests of wisdom.

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